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Noble House by James Clavell

By (Publisher)

The setting is Hong Kong, 1963. The action spans scarcely more than a week, but these are the days of high adventure: from kidnapping and murder to financial double-dealing and natural catastrophes -- fire, flood, and landslide. Yet they are days filled as well with all the mystery and romance of Hong Kong -- the heart of Asia -- rich in every trade... money, flesh, opium, power.



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"Breathtakingly enormous, a true novel of richness and narative, that can not be put down until it has been completed. No other book touches this level of intrigue and powerplay. Enchantingly entertaining and awesome in all aspects. A true novel as anyone could ever get. It is the most enticing and superior a book that I will ever get my hands on in this lifetime. It exceeds all."


"Tremendous!! Such a writer comes around but once or twice in a lifetime. I'm sure everyone knows but for those who haven't read all his books, there are charecters in each book that are direct ancestors to charecters in previous books or have been in previous books themselves. The weaving of such a spellbinding and intricate web with such mastery warrants the greatest respect in todays collection of quick and shallow books."

--Mike C. (UK)



Author: James Clavell

Released: February 15, 1981


Availability: Hardcover, Paperback, Audio Cassette

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