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Fads of the Awesome80s

By Patrick Mondout

From the Rubik's Cube, to Boom Boxes, to Cabbage Patch Kids, to Koosh Balls, to Trivial Pursuit, to those annoying "Baby on Board" signs, we're covering all the fads of the Awesome80s.

"Baby on Board" Signs

Remember when we were supposed to avoid hitting the cars with the "Baby on Board" signs on them? It's open season on them now!

Boom Boxes/Ghetto Blasters

Want to let the rest of the neighborhood share in the sure enjoyment of the latest Ozzy Osborne album? Get a Boom Box and a crate full of batteries and blast away!


Coordinated enough to kick a bean bag but too wimpy to be a jock? Hacky-Sack was your sport. Full article coming soon!

Koosh Balls

The surprise hit of 1988, Koosh balls could be thrown around indoors without causing too much damage. They could even be used as a Hacky Sack in a pinch.

Rubik's Cube

One of the most universally identifiable products of the era, the Rubik's Cube came out of Eastern Europe in the early Awesome80s to take America by storm. It's 42 quintillion (!) combinations kept us guessing - until we figured out how to take them apart.

Trivial Pursuit

Want to seem as clever as Cliff Claven? Memorize a card set and then play a set or two against your friends. Both of them. We were all playing Trivial Pursuit in the early-Awesome80s.




Two fads that scream "Awesome80s" are the Rubik's Cube and the Baby-on-Board sign.

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