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Movies of the Awesome80s

We have pages for over 1000 movies of the 1980s! We have just finished 1985 (August 1, 2004) and only have 1986 and 1987 to go. Hey! We always add new pages!

New! Check out our new "Random" movie link on the far left. Just keep clicking it to randomly flip through over 1000 movies!

We have all the Oscar winners listed now with brief stories about that year's ceremonies. Start with 1980 and use the drop-down list on the far left to jump between years.

In the meantime, Here is the American Film Institute's list of the 100 best movies of the 20th century with movies from the Awesome80s in bold (we also have their 100 best comedies list).

Movies released in February:
The Fog in 1980
Foxes in 1980
Saturn 3 in 1980
Simon in 1980
American Gigolo in 1980
Coal Miner's Daughter in 1980
Fort Apache The Bronx in 1981
American Pop in 1981
The Hand in 1981
My Bloody Valentine in 1981
Sphinx in 1981
True Confessions in 1981
Das Boot in 1981
Love and Money in 1982
Death Wish 2 in 1982
Quest for Fire in 1982
The Border in 1982
The Missing in 1982
One from the Heart in 1982
Personal Best in 1982
Shoot the Moon in 1982
Cannery Row in 1982
The Sting II in 1983
Xtro in 1983
Without a Trace in 1983
Lovesick in 1983
The Lords of Discipline in 1983
Local Hero in 1983
The King of Comedy in 1983
Fear City in 1984
Footloose in 1984
Lassiter in 1984
Once Upon a Time in America in 1984
Stone Boy in 1984
Unfaithfully Yours in 1984
Hairspray in 1988
Action Jackson in 1988
White Mischief in 1988
Unbearable Lightness of Being in 1988
Taffin in 1988
Shoot to Kill in 1988
She's Having a Baby in 1988
School Daze in 1988
Satisfaction in 1988
Frantic in 1988
Cherry 2000 in 1988
Blame It On Rio in 1989
True Believer in 1989
Mighty Quinn in 1989
Toxic Avenger 2 in 1989
Tap in 1989
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure in 1989
Burbs in 1989
Cat Chaser in 1989
Cousins in 1989
Fly II in 1989
Her Alibi in 1989
How I Got into College in 1989
Who is Harry Crumb in 1989
These are movies released to theatres in February of each year.



Top Five Money-Making Movies of the Awesome80s: 

5: Return of the Jedi (1983)

4: Rain Man (1988)

3: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

2: Batman (1989)

1: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

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