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Prince - Controversy RIAA Certified Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Amy Linden

Written, produced, arranged, and performed by that little old funkmaster, Controversy hit stores in 1981 and still rocks 17 years later. As the title suggests, the subject matter Prince tackles here was meant to spark discussion. From the nasty anthems "Sexuality" and "Do Me Baby", to the slice of '80s political commentary "Ronnie Talk to Russia" and "Annie Christian," Prince does just that. Oh, and he doesn't forget about the booty either, making this the ultimate agit-prop, sex-you-up soundtrack.

1. Controversy5. Ronnie, Talk to Russia
2. Sexuality6. Let's Work
3. Do Me Baby7. Annie Christian
4. Private Joy8. Jack U Off


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Your Memories Shared!

"I recall being a high school kid when this album came up. We were all about that black punk rocker look (the studded trenchcoat, the hair, the boots) and we mimiced the sounds as best we could with our limited musical skills.

Controversy was a masterpeice to us. "Let's Work" boomed from every car trunk and house party and always got the R&B crowd on the dance floor. It is one fo the first true marriages of new wave, punk, and funk. And who didnt try to score with their girlfriend with "Do Me, Baby" in the background? - still the best Prince love/sex ballad ever.

This record is seriously underrated. Prince was starting to pull away from the pack because 1999 was the next album and it simply blew everyone away. Whe you make a list of the best funk/new wave records of the Awesome80s, Controversy should be in there."


"I love this album just as I enjoy all of his royal badness early works. Everything Prince puts out is tuff, but I am so into his first 5 albums. (For You all the way till' 1999). I also really dig his onstage getup, his look, while promoting the Controversy album, the bartender-Casanova look, and the trench coat. Dez Dickerson stage getup was very live and innovative as well, which I considered the "Road Warrior Look". I dug his trench coat the most and let's not forget that bandana. Prince, Dez, and Dr. Matt Fink always brandished the coolest looks to me. The tracks I really dug in this album was Controversy, Sexuality, Do Me Baby, Private Joy, and Let's Work. If you are a die hard old school fanatic and your are looking for some good new wave sounds I highly recommend getting this album. It will definitely make you shake your money maker!!!"

--Tito Wiley

"I like the title song of the same name of the Album. I would always get down to that song. When I was 10 years old. "


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Artist: Prince

Released: November 12, 1981

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum

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