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Tears for Fears - Songs From The Big Chair RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Billy Altman

Considering that Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, the English duo known as Tears for Fears, were avid followers of Arthur Janov, father of the Primal Scream form of mental therapy, it wasn't surprising that one of their biggest hits was titled "Shout." What was surprising was how the two managed to take all their deep-rooted inner turmoil and make such positively buoyant music. Case in point: their other Songs from the Big Chair-spawned, No. 1 hit, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," was a meditative contemplation of the struggle for power within interpersonal relationships as a metaphor for global supremacy--which, thank god, had a good beat so you could at least dance to it.

1. Shout5. I Believe
2. The Working Hour6. Broken
3. Everybody Wants To Rule The World7. Head Over Heels/Broken (Live)
4. Mothers Talk8. Listen


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"I used to go skating every Saturday night to this music. It's a part of my wonderful teen years, I just wish there was more of it out there now days. The music today just dosen't make since. Even my 9 year old likes the music from the Awesome80s and I feel that compaired to todays music it was better for kids to listen to. If I had my way about it this kind of music would be popular forever."


"In my honest opinion, Songs From The Big Chair is the epitome of Awesome80s music."Everybody Wants To Rule The World" was the first song I ever heard on the radio(back in 1990) and I still feel it reflects the inner struggle and dreams of anyone out there who desires to be famous or wants a deeper meaning to their life (i.e.- myself). Tears For Fears is by far the only band who ever had written music that was lyricaly deep and musicaly powerful enough that even a ardent rock music fan (again, i.e.-myself) would still think it is cool. Ultimately, Songs From The Big Chair will stand for many years to come as an excellent and overall awesome example of pure rock and pure soul."


"Tears For Fears would have to be one of the most interesting bands of the decade. The inspiration for their lyrics (Dr. Janov's Primal Therapy) is one of the most profound psychological models that I have ever come across and, after reading Orzabal and Smith's biographies, it is easy to see why this model had such an appeal. What is even more astounding is that they were able to turn such a model into some truly fantastic songs that just rock!"


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Artist: Tears for Fears

Released: June 12, 1985

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (5)

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