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By Rickey Wright

Though it sold in the eight-figure range worldwide, to some ears Bad suffered in comparison to its predecessor, Thriller. While not as visionary as that record-breaker and Off the Wall, the 1987 album does find Jackson and producer Quincy Jones continuing to work their craft at a high level. As it had with Thriller, radio embraced nearly every cut. Airplay saturation helped make the likes of "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Smooth Criminal," and the title track major hits in their day; they ring with confidence and good feeling more than a decade later. The self-involvement that would make the new material on History (1995) sound so curdled had yet to overtake Jackson; even his plea to "Leave Me Alone" displayed a sure wit, particularly in its video version.

"We wanted a tough album," producer Quincy Jones recalls in a bonus interview on the special edition of Bad. Though the 1987 blockbuster would appear to be Michael Jackson's most personal statement to date--9 of its 11 cuts were written solely by him--its appeal also rested more on craft than the idiosyncratic art of Thriller and Off the Wall. At the same time, most of Bad has aged well in spite of its digital brittleness and MIDI treatments of gems like Jimmy Smith's organ solo on the title track. While the third best of his first three Epic solo discs, Bad carries a lot of what people love about Jackson's music. This disc also benefits from two fine outtakes, the exciting, uptempo "Streetwalker" and the Carpenters homage "Fly Away." Either could easily have extended the record's run of hit singles.

1. Bad7. Man In The Mirror
2. The Way You Make Me Feel8. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
3. Speed Demon9. Dirty Diana
4. Liberian Girl10. Smooth Criminal
5. Just Good Friends11. Leave Me Alone
6. Another Part Of Me


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"The musical genius that is Michael Jackson: the pioneer of pop music as it exists today released Bad in 1987 and was the much-anticipated child of Thriller (best selling album of all time). Each song has a message to say, with an amazing sound to each one. Man In The Mirror, especially shows how Michael Jackson can incorporate such an important message into such a wonderful song. The sounds on this album were obviously updated to move with the times, as they appear more modern than those on Thriller. However, BAD is a truly brilliant album that will be remembered forever."


"Though the King of Pop had some great music on this album, it did nothing to boost his wimpy, childish image. "Bad" was overtly trying to get the world to believe he was a man like anyone else, though we all know that to be false. The standout on this album was "The Way You Make Me Feel." It had a super dance beat and the chick in the video was a hottie. "Man In The Mirror" was an attempt at self-introspection which obviously didn't work very well for him personally. "Smooth Criminal" was edgy, but not very danceable. Overall, though a decent effort, this was just a poor attempt to recreate the "Thriller" effect, to no avail."


"I think Bad like all of Michael Jackson's albums was awesome. In fact Bad, Dangerous,HIStory and Invincible would have sold over 35 million to 40 million copies worldwide if Michael appearance had not changed. People no longer judge him for his music and dance. Thats really sad!"


"Bad was his second best album of the 80's. Thriller was his first best. I would probably say that because my favorite song is Billie Jean. The beat is awsome!!!The one thing I am not sure of is if Bad came out in 1988 or 1987.It is a mystery to me. My next favorite song of MJ is Man in the Mirror. It sends a great message to the world. I have tried to follow that message ever since I heard it!!! Off the Wall was also a great album. My third favorite song is Rock with You. Dangerous was a very good album. My brother's favorite song is Black or White. This song also delivers a wonderful message to the world. People shouldn't care about color."


"That ultra infectious groove of 'the way you make me feel', the wierd but most beautiful 'Liberian Girl'. 'Leave Me Alone' is a pumping track, so to speak. PLEASE listen to this album, or get the new remastered edition, which sounds amazing. This album prooves that Michael Jackson once again proves that he can outfunk anyone anywhere anytime. Who's Bad?"


"Michael Jackson had the world shocked after releasing this album. No doubt ther was a new Michael. Michael had a different skin color and he grabbed his croch! Michael really stepped out of his child image. He was the first recording artist in history to have eight number one singles off of one album which was BAD. BAD and THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL are two of the Number one hits. BAD is Possibly his greatest projects yet! [Editor's note: For the record, "only" five went to number #1 on the pop charts.]"


"Michael really set himself up for this one. He had to realize there was simply no way to capture all of the power and originality (or sales) found in Thriller, but knew he had to do something big as a follow-up. The result was BAD, and man, it was good. While not as ground-breaking as its predecesor, it certainly showed that MJ had the goods to keep the hits coming. The title track was a hilarious video, though no one really ever knew if it was meant to be taken seriously or not (and we hope not), and "Smooth Criminal" grew legs in 2001 via a re-recording by Alien Ant Farm. But it was the invincible single of "Man In the Mirror" that wrote the book on follow-ups. As I listen to BAD today, I see what Michael now lacks, and it's not his old color... it's joy. BAD was simply a blast to listen to, and still is."


"Michael (The God of Music and lover of small boys) Jackson 's Bad, every bit as phenomenal as Thriller, showed us that he is the master of all manner of music, be it the hard rock flavor of Dirty Diana, or the hip-hop ballad, Smooth Criminal. He brings back his patented duets (with Stevie Wonder in "Just Good Friends"), and sends a message to everyone in the world with "Man in the Mirror". Bad's record-breaking SIX consecutive Number One singles are well-deserved. No one will ever forget Bad. An interesting thing to note- in Thriller, he was the good guy- "Don't wanna see no blood, Don't be a macho man" {Beat It-1983}, in Bad he's the one to watch out for. Accompanying this breakthrough album was his first ever solo tour- the biggest tour in 'HIStory', and the second all time biggest selling music video- Moonwalker. This unprecedented sequel to Thriller(yes, it was) is still a crowd pleaser. Bad recruited,a ccording to the preferences of MJ, himself, the best of up and coming talent, and veteran aids to make it possibly one of the best albums ever released. In "Bad", the music video, we get to see a very young Wesley Snipes. And in the musical short "Badder"(in Moonwalker), one of the child actors is Jermaine Jackson, Jr. And John Lennon's own son is one of the three child leads in his Moonwalker video. Don't miss Michael Jackson at his best- listen to Bad."

--Mjj jr

"This is by far the best album ever. Yes, Thriller sold more copies, but Bad has all of my favorite songs (Man in the Mirror, and The Way You Make Me Feel), along with other cool songs such as Smooth Criminal, Bad, and Dirty Diana. This album had 6 top ten hits and five #1 singles on the pop chart. The Bad World Tour gained more money than any other solo artist tour. Plus, Michael isn't a copy cat like these clowns today. He wrote most of his own music. Bad is the best."

--Charlie Randolph

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Artist: Michael Jackson

Released: August 31, 1987

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (8)

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