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Randy Travis - Always & Forever Grammy Winner! RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Tom Lanham

Sometimes a simple voice can carry the day. Take Randy Travis: his rustic, hickory-smoked warble can almost effortlessly conjure up everyday country pleasures--basic backwoods stuff that suburban folks have long forgotten. His brand of faithful retro took Nashville by surprise on Storms of Life, his 1986 debut, but Travis--thanks to poor song choices and a handful of awkwardly-penned originals--failed to maintain those lofty standards. But this, his second effort, from 1987, stands as his best--and his most commercially viable as well. It perfectly showcases those stunning vocals and opened the door for countless similar-piped honky-tonkers. His voice still waxes strong these days, but it's great to hear him hit homer after homer in this classic Always inning.

1. Too Gone Too Long6. Forever and Ever, Amen
2. My House7. I Told You So
3. Good Intentions8. Anything
4. What'll You Do About Me9. Truth Is Lyin' Next to You
5. I Won't Need You Anymore10. Tonight We're Gonna Tear Down the Walls


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"Had to disagree with this. Randy has been praised for his songwriting ability which is strong, if not prolific. "Promises," "I Told You So," "The Box," "Forever Together," are classic country.

The only problem Randy has is his devotion to traditional country music, which doesn't fit with the recycled rockers who pose as country djs these days. To be fair, of course, it isn't the dj so much as the Music Row and New York executives who are terrified of what they don't understand, and who never saw a sell-out they couldn't take to the bank.

Hopefully Randy will keep touring and recording somewhere - there are still quite a few hard-core country music lovers who will follow that golden voice anywhere good country is played."


"I disagree completely with this review! Randy's song selections or his compositions, aren't what brought Randy to his current state of almost non existence! The real culprit is the "suits" who invaded country music on the wake of RANDY'S success. To be able to capitalize on that success, they realized that Randy had done something no one else had done before. He had found a new audience for country music.
But the "suits" weren't satisfied with their bigger piece of the commercial pie. No,they had to have the "whole" pie!
So, they began to comb the countryside looking for, and signing every artist, who had a pop sounding voice, that could compete with the pop sounding artist/stations. Making those who were traditional sounding expendable!

So, the writing, material selection or the style of Randy Travis had little if anything, to do with the fact that he is no longer a viable commodity to today's country music.
His talent hasn't lessoned, but have broadened. And unlike many of today's radio generated hit songs, and stars, he will live forever, in the hearts of his fans, and in the life of the "real" country music industry. Randy's career and talent, has always been about more than just a "hit song! Something most people in the industry today never understood!

Listen to his latest album, a mixture of country and gospel, called "Inspirational Journey". And listen to the words of the songs, he helped write. Then tell me, they are without substance! I will tell you, you need to get your hearing checked.

It surely ain't all this soap opera, fantasy music, that everyone is recording today, because it fits in with the sound/scheme and is more competitive in today's "supposedly" country music environment."


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Artist: Randy Travis

Released: January 12, 1987

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Grammy(s) Platinum (5)

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