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Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True Grammy Winner! RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Patrick Mondout

Before they became a punchline to a million jokes (and before one of them tragically took his own life), the lip-syncing duo Milli Vanilli had three #1 hits, a #2 title track, a Grammy for Best New Artist, and 6 million units sold. Of course they had to give back the Grammy after it became known that they hadn't actually sung on the album (which Arista pulled and offered refunds to those who had already purchased it - you can't buy it new anymore).

Their followup album - on which they really sang - sold less than 20,000, but for a time in 1989, they were on top of the pop music world.

By the way, who actually did sing on these tracks and why didn't Arista push them?

1. Girl You Know It's True6. It's Your Thing
2. Baby Don't Forget My Number7. Dreams to Remember
3. More Than You'll Ever Know8. All or Nothing
4. Blame It on the Rain9. I'm Gonna Miss You
5. Take It as It Comes10. Girl You Know It's True (N.Y. Subway Extended Mix)


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"I think Rob and Fab were treated terrible because they were two very attractive black guys from Europe. [Editor's note: So then it had nothing to do with the fact that they were a fraud?] If they had of been white it wouldn't have been as big a scandal. [Editor's note: What do Martha Stewart, Phil Spector, Rush Limbaugh, the executives at WorldCom, Tyco, and Enron all have in common?] For these gentlemen to have sold 10-15 million copies someone had to have liked them. By the way I am sorry to hear about the death of Rob Pilatus. It's a shame that they were not given another chance. And what a the coward Frank Farian's blame in this? [Editor's note: They were given another chance. That album predictably sucked and - despite an appearance on Arsenio Hall - no one bought it.]"


"I never believed that Milli Vanilli lip-sync their lyrics. I still believe that Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan are the REAL SINGERS on their LP, not John Davis, Brad Howell, and Gina Mohammed. They were the backing VOCALS not the real singers of Milli Vanilli.Milli Vanilli should have kept their Grammy, Frank Farian just wanted to get out of debt, so he told one Hell of a lie on Milli Vanilli. [Editor's note: The quickest way for him to get out of debt would have been to keep his mouth shut and get a followup album out.] Thanks alot Frank Farian, your lie caused so much embarassment,and it also caused Rob's sad suicide!! I will admit that I liked Milli Vanilli,I am not ashamed to admit this!! I still play my "Girl,You Know It's True" compact disc!! I was 12 when I saw their music in music shoppes!! My mom bought me a copy of their album. To this day,I listen to it!! I still love "Blame it on the Rain","Girl,you know it's true","All or Nothing", all of the other tracks on the cassette!! But all I have say about Milli Vanilli is I still care about them. They will always be in my memory, as I remember my younger years!Thank You Milli Vanilli for being my favorite music group,I will cherish your music and I will always stand up proudily for Rob and Fabrice!! Girl,You have already knew it was True! THE FIRST TIME AROUND!!!!"


"Cool start to a cool song. It's a shame about Rob. They may not have sung all that well themselves, but they could dance and "work it"."


"I loved the whole Milli Vanilli Album! I wished that the guys who did the actual singing on the album would do another one. As for Fab and Rob they can't sing, they should of stuck with modeling."


"OK, I can admit it. I loved the song and I was really bummed to find out about the whole scam."


"Ah,the Milli Vanilli story... There was like 3 guys and a girl who actually sang on the record. I know the guys were like in there late 30's doing pop records. They didn't want to ruin the album success by doing their own video. So they hired Rob and Fab,two french models who were happy to keep the secret. I even say them in concert in 91? I think it was. There were rumors that they weren't singing. But it was a great time. Besides I liked them and I wanted to impress this girl. Girl,you know it's true…"


"Arista did release a Milli Vanilli (under the name of "The Real Milli Vanilli") album titled "The Moment Of Truth" in 1992. The group consisted five members and the album had several hits in Malaysia like "Keep On Running", "Tell Me Where It Hurts" and "When I Die". But I never saw any of them in the Western pop charts. I doubt if the album was released there."


"I don't care about what happened I still think they were good at entertaining the people and I think it was unfair to treat them the way they where treated and I am sorry that Rob died and I wish they could of come back again like they where I know they tried but how they where so humiliated they lost there will to come back I will always love the music they made and will remember them always they will be missed but not forgotten... Not by me or my son Keith."

--Grants Pass Oregon Fans

"For the anonymous writer who seemed very upset over the two young men fronting The Real Milli Vanilli, I feel your pain. However, as far as her statement, which she believes they were singing, sorry, that's a NOT! I happen to know one of the real singers. I, actually have their original music, therefore, try to get over it & move on. Let's face, it happened, it was brilliant marketing, yet, deceitful. It's been over a decade, perhaps, we can all move foreword. If you really miss them, click on the link below & order their music, now on CD's!:-)"


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Artist: Milli Vanilli

Released: February 6, 1989

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Grammy(s) Platinum (6)

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