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By Prinzcharming

The Charmings was a unique fish-out-of-water story. Snow White, Prince Charming and their two kids were put under a spell by her evil stepmother to sleep for 1000 years. However the spell was too powerful and the stepmother, as well as one of the Seven Dwarfs were also effected. The Charmings awoke in present day (1987) Burbank, California.

The show lasted only two seasons but I found it to be quite clever. Some of the best dialogue happened to be between the Stepmother and her sarcastic Magic Mirror (played by the late Paul Winfield).

The program was ahead of its time for sure and skewered fairy tales and modern society quite well. I think it would probably do better in today's television line-up.

A unique show in a crazy world.


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"There is actually only one episode of The Charmings that I remember. The grandmother wanted to buy lots of things and didn't have any money. She used her magic to get into a credit card company system and gave herself thousands of dollars in credit. At the end of the episode, a representative showed up at the door, and wanted her to pay up. They opened the closet and they had lots of gold bars in their and that more than settled their debt."




Aired: March 20, 1987 - February 11, 1988

Cast: Carol Huston, Christopher Rich, Caitlin O'Heaney, Paul Winfield

Network: ABC

Genre: Sitcom

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