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Filthy Rich

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" I saw what I remember to be the pilot, and I don't know why it didn't last more than half a season! I didn't know (who could have) that Delta Burke was going to turn into the Delta Burke we know today, much less Dixie Carter!

The only line I can completely remember was from a conversation between the two families (Their children were marrying, I recall, and one family was 'Filthy Rich' and the other was kind of-well, really red-necky) discussing a dinner party of some sort, and someone from the red-necky family asked the filthy rich Mother (Dixie Carter), "But what if I bite down on a big piece of gristle?" Dixie's character replied, "WE do not SERVE Gristle!" I guess you had to be there and hear how the Southern accents added to the hilarity of the situation. I think it was a good show, considering those were my heavy-duty partying years and that's my main memory of the show!"




Aired: 1982-1983

Cast: Slim Pickens, Delta Burke, Dixie Carter

Network: CBS

Genre: Sitcom

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