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Jennifer Slept Here

By Wikipedia

Jennifer Slept Here was a  fantasy/situation comedy series that ran for one season on NBC during the 1983-1984 television season. The show was produced by Columbia Pictures Television (Now Sony Pictures Television).

In the series, Ann Jillian played Jennifer Farrell, a once-popular movie actress who made the unfortunate mistake of chasing a ice cream truck near her Los Angeles, California home. And it would be fatal - the ice cream truck accidentally backed up by mistake and ran her over.

Fast forward to the present day. The Elliot family from Zelda Rubinstein have moved into her home. Father George was a lawyer who was also handled the rights to Jennifer's posthumous affairs, including the house. His wife Susan was more of a concerned, yet understanding figure. Daughter Marilyn was your typical 8-year-old with a attitude.

However they didn't count on Jennifer's spirit to still live there (hence the show's title). And on top of that the only person that can see her is the family's teenage son Joey Elliot, who has a hard time convincing his family and friends that her ghost exist. In fact they think he needs a shrink or some sort of help.

As a result they tried everything to convince him that ghosts don't exist, with mixed results. In one episode they hired a phony exorcist (played by Zelda Rubinstein in a parody on her "Poltergeist" character Tangina Barrons) to rid the house of Jennifer by putting her spirit in a jar--only to discover that IT ACTUALLY DID WORK! Another had Jennifer helping Joey convince his family that she exist, but when George scolded Joey at the dinner table she poured milk all over him (the family saw the pitcher float by itself, but thought it was a trick wire).

But Jennifer has another reason why her soul hasn't rested yet: she has to mentor Joey (whether Joey likes it or not), and at times her 'presence' puts Joey in more problems and explanations than he can handle. But despite that he does find a way get out of it, with a little help from Jennifer.

Although the show had mixed reviews and a tough Friday night timeslot, it did attract decent ratings but not enough to guarantee a second season, even when show saw it go into the top 20 during the Summer of 1984.

Today the show has attained a cult following among fans, especially those who remember the Bob Mackie outfits that Jillian wore in the series.

Show cast

Ann Jillian (Jennifer Farrell)
John P. Navin, Jr. (Joseph "Joey" Elliot)
Georgia Engel (Susan Elliot)
Brandon Maggart (George Elliot)
Mya Akerling (Marilyn Elliot)
Glenn Scarpelli (Marc)


Share Your Memories!

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Your Memories Shared!

"My favorite episode has to be "Not With My Date You Don't!" because I was actually in it. There were a couple of schoolroom scenes and I was one of the students attending the California Living 101 class. I was the one famous for comparing the grapefruit with the orange at the beginning of one of the scenes. Not that anybody ever actually saw it. I get the feeling that John was so annoying nobody ever watched the show. Oh well. It was fun anyway."


"This show is one of the few that still remain in the back of my mind. As a teenager in the 80's I thought Ann Jillian was the best looking actress on TV at the time. Although the show only lasted a dozen or so episodes, it was one of the few television series that was worth watching (cause of Ann of course)."


"I sort of remember this show is Ann being a genie. I was looking for this shows title for days until I happened accross Ann's pic from It's a Living. All I remeber is how great looking she was for that time. Her and Kate Jackson from Charlie's Angels were hot for back then. Oh well, back to work!"

--Henry of NJ

"I don't remember a whole lot about the show, except that I liked the premise, and I remember really liking a pair of twin girls on one of the episodes (I wish I could remember their names- I kind of wonder if my tastes differ now from what they were 20 years ago!)"




Aired: October 21, 1983 - September 5, 1984

Cast: Ann Jillian, Georgia Engel, John P. Navin Jr., Brandon Maggart, Mya Akerling, Glenn Scarpelli

Network: NBC

Genre: Sitcom

Theme song

Image courtesy of NBC

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