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Major Dad

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Your Memories Shared!

"My favorite episode was probably when the Major posed for the marine calender."


"One of the final episodes, where there was a snafu in him finding out he had been promoted had special meaning to me. I was overseas on a remote assignment with the U.S. Air Force and had just received a videotape of the episode which I had not watched yet when I experienced nearly the same issue. There was confusion at base headquarters about me and I didn't get the word I had been promoted until later, right after that, the same day I saw the Major Dad episode with the same subject matter I had just lived through!!!"


"I loved Beverly Archer as Gunny. She was hot! I like women in glasses! By conventional wisdom she's considered plain looking but there was one episode where she went blonde and lost the glasses; she stopped traffic guys were so crazy about her! I'm a pretty anti-military ex Navy guy but she was defintely the hottest woman marine I ever saw."

--The Kangaroo

"I had four Marines in my family (my dad, a grandfather, and two uncles) so just about every episode had something that "rang a bell" with me, and I did get some laughs out of quite a few of the episodes.

One of my favorite episodes was the one where the youngest daughter lost the Purple Heart medal that the Major's dad had been awarded for being on Iwo Jima. I cracked up when at the end of the "grilling" by the Major. He was trying not to say a particular name, just called her the "perpetrator" and was trying to get the girl to "fess up" to losing the medal. She finally stood up and asked if "the perculator could go to the bathroom?" I almost rolled off the couch I was laughing so hard. I called my Dad to see if he was watching the episode; and when he answered the phone, he was laughing so hard it could hardly talk.

I loved this show and hardly ever missed one ... wish I could get it on DVD!!"


"My favorite episode was when the Major decided to adopt Elizabeth, Robin and Casey. Although Elizabeth loves her stepfather, she feels conflicted about changing her last name because it is all she has left of her real father. It was touching to see Elizabeth come around when the Major shows his softer side after seeing the scrapbook that Robin and Casey made of the MacGillis family. I just love the last scene when Elizabeth and the Major embrace and the Major says, "Why don't we do it [put your pictures in the scrapbook] together?" It was nice to see the family unite as one."

--Kitty McGee

"The episode that really stood out was the one about the Marine who abused his wife. The line that Mac said when he invited the abusing to come and put on the gloves a take out his frustration with him. But that line "but be advised, I hit back" I thought it was all star to address the issue. "




Aired: 1989-1993

Cast: Gerald McRaney, Shanna Reed

Network: CBS

Genre: Sitcom

Theme song

Image courtesy of CBS

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