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The Simpsons: Marge Simpson

By Wikipedia

Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson (voiced by Julie Kavner) is a fictional character featured in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the well-meaning and patient wife of Homer. Her most notable physical feature is her blue hair, styled into an improbably high beehive. It was once mentioned, by Homer, that she actually dyes her hair blue, as she's been "gray as a mule since 17". With a few exceptions, Marge spends most of her time tending to housework, minding Maggie, being supportive of Lisa, and either disciplining Bart or defending him from Homer's rage. She was named after Margaret "Marge" Groening, mother of Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons.

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In a first season episode ("Life On the Fast Lane"), Marge's age was stated to be 34; several later episodes, however, have stated that Marge's age is 38, possibly a reflection on her and Homer attending their 20th anniversary high school reunion in one episode.

Marge has taken on various jobs that have lasted only for the duration of one episode; these include:

  • Homemaker (1985 to present)
  • Pretzel maker/saleswoman
  • Police officer
  • Trade show model
  • Real estate agent (where she sells the infamous "Murder House" to Ned Flanders)
  • Springfield Nuclear Power Plant worker
  • Actress/musical singer
  • Professional artist
  • Substitute teacher at Springfield Elementary School
  • Activist against violence in children's television
  • Novelist
  • Waitress on roller skates
  • The church "Listen Lady"
  • Bodybuilder
  • bartender/waitress at Moe's Tavern (in Mommie Beerest), she later co-owned the bar as the result of a loan Homer gives to Moe

After high school, and before marrying Homer and having Bart, Marge worked as a waitress on roller skates at a drive-in restaurant.

Marge has two elder sisters, twins Patty and Selma, also voiced by Kavner. Her father, a former air steward, is deceased, although when or how this occurred is never explained. Her disapproving mother, Jacqueline, lives on but is rarely seen. All members of the Bouvier family (except for, of course, Marge) are heavy smokers with gruff voices and an overall sarcastic and snarky demeanor. None of the other Bouvier family members approve of Marge's marriage to Homer.

In spite of her reputation as a stereotypical sitcom mother and her relatively higher morals compared to some characters, Marge has had her share of escapades, which have earned her the moral disdain of Springfield's less forgiving residents. Taking classes for road rage, time in jail for "misdemeanor shoplifting," a gambling addiction, a predilection for alcoholic beverages, a memorable cross-country police chase ( la Thelma and Louise), and mistakenly having breast implants are just some of the situations that Marge has found herself caught up in. She also apparently makes very bad ice cream sundaes, though otherwise, Marge is a highly regarded cook, including her celebrated pork chops; (the secret ingredient is salt) Marge manages to feed her family on less than a dollar a week (she pads Homer's food with sawdust).

Marge is the only member of the family who actively encourages going to church.

As a child, Marge developed a fear of flying when she was shocked to learn that her father was an airline steward. Her first day of school did not fare much better, when she was teased over having a lunch box with a picture of the Monkees on it.

Marge briefly participated in student activism as a teenager in high school. After her initial (and only) protest, she was punished by the school and was forced to serve detention, where she happened to first meet Homer. Eventually, the two began dating each other. Marge became pregnant with her first child, Bart, in her mid-twenties; in response, she and Homer married in a low-budget wedding at a combined wedding chapel/casino located across the state line.

Besides husband Homer Simpson, Marge has had a number of admirers in past, such as C. Montgomery Burns, an Isotopes player, and ex-millionaire Artie Ziff (who recently got over her and is now interested in Marge's sister, Selma). Probably Marge's most persistent and obsessed admirer (who never seemed to get completely over her) is Homer's friend and town bartender, Moe Szyslak. On many occasions, Moe has made an effort to steal Marge from Homer, his first try in Season 5 (Secrets of a Successful Marriage) to his latest plot in tempting her to "become his" in Aruba in Season 16 ("Mommie Beerest"). Moe and Marge's love-hate relationship has become a regular and famous gag of the show.

Marge's height is somewhat inconsistent. In the episode "Marge in Chains", she is 8'6", 6'2" if deducting hair. However, her beehive hairdo has been mentioned as being 3 feet tall, which would only make her 5'6" or 5'7". In the episode "Homer Alone", her height is 5'4", and 6'2" if including hair. She is also shorter than Homer, who has been seen as being 6' in his police lineup photos from various episodes.

Her favorite food is buttered noodles.

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Aired: December 17, 1989 -

Cast: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Harry Shearer

Network: FOX

Genre: Cartoon

Theme songSoundtrack

Spinoff of: The Tracy Ullman Show

Image courtesy of FOX

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