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Square Pegs

By Wikipedia

Square Pegs was a situation comedy first broadcast on CBS between September 1982 and March 1983, and on Channel 4 in the UK. It centered on high school and the relationships between nerds and "popular" students.

The show was created by former SNL writer Anne Beatts and starred Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Linker, John Femia, Merritt Butrick, Tracy Nelson, Claudette Wells, Jon Caliri, and Jami Gertz.

The show's theme song was written and performed by The Waitresses.

It coincided with the final season of M*A*S*H and, like that series, used an entirely artificial, low-key laugh track in US broadcasts with no pretense to having a live audience - one of the last American sitcoms to have done so.

Don Novello appeared as Father Guido Sarducci in one episode.


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Your Memories Shared!

"My favorite was the show that had DEVO doing their song "That's good" or muffy's bahmitzvah! for the title!"


"Square Pegs will always be a favorite of mine!! Who could forget the "Pilot" episode where the gang was introduced..and The Waitresses appeared...another good one would have to be "Open 24 Hours" where Johnny and his band plays at the supermaket. "Yeah...and tell him to pick up a package of pimento loaf" lol Anyway..another favorite of mine would have to be the one and only Halloween episode..with the wheezing stalker! Who could forget "Muffy's Bat Mitzvah" the episode that featured DEVO! Which has to be the most favored episode probably. Oh yes! don't forget "No Substitutions" with Bill Murray..a classic episode where he plays a goofy substitute teacher. Only Bill would wear a nightshirt with a tie! I also love "Pac Man Fever" the one where Marshall can't stop playing Pac Man at school. A classic because SNL was very popular and Father Guido Sarducci appears himself in this episode. "A Simple Attachment" was a good one too! I love Marshall Blechtman!! and Johnny Slash! Hopefully this show will be available on DVD one day!!"


"I have not seen this show in ages but I can still hear the catchy theme song.... Square pegs, square pegs, square, square, pegs One size does not fit all... I dont remember any of the episode story lines but I do remember once Muffy Tupperman came in and told the gang..."Guess who's running for Student Body President...I'll give you a hint, her initials are M T" And one of the guys says "And so is her head" I thought that was soooooo funny. I was total square peg and could completely relate to these kids."


"My favorite episode was the Halloween one where the girls are staying at their teacher's and get a hevy breathing call - from Vinnie."


"I was a sophomore in high school when Square Pegs was on and I watched it every Monday night. It was so in tune with the present day (being the Awesome80s) and now that decade is a memory and looking back at the reruns (thanks, TV Land!) it brings back fun memories of the Awesome80s. I was a misfit in high school and I could relate to what Patty and Lauren were going through. I loved to hate Muffy! What a snob she was! Why Patty or Lauren never punched her in the mouth I'll never know! The almost weekly celebrity guests were an added treat. I was not happy when CBS cancelled it!

With so many old TV shows putting out DVD sets--including ones that lasted a season or less like My Big Fat Greek Life and H. R. Pufnstuf--I would be on cloud nine if "Square Pegs: The Complete Series" were released! For extras, they could do recent interviews with the cast and what they're up to as well as a tribute to the late Merritt Butrick (Johnny Slash), who passed away in 1989. Where does one go on the web to suggest this?"




Aired: 1982-1983

Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Linker

Network: CBS

Genre: Sitcom

Theme song

Image courtesy of CBS

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