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Who's The Boss

By Kathleen C. Fennessy

Who's the Boss? was a standard sitcom--turned on its head. Sure, there was a mom, a dad, two cute kids, a house in the suburbs... and a live studio audience. But Angela Bower (Judith Light) was a single advertising exec with a son (Danny Pintauro) and Tony Micelli (Tony Danza) was a widowed ex-ballplayer with a daughter (future Charmed star Alyssa Milano). The Connecticut mansion belonged to Angela (along with the big '80s hair and shoulder pads) and Tony wasn't her boyfriend, but rather her housekeeper. Then there was her mother, Mona (the incomparable Katherine Helmond). The sexed-up, slightly cracked grandmother is a primetime staple, but in the former Soap matriarch's hands, the character was a cut above (and usually got the best lines). As Angela complains to her in the pilot, "You've sent me a man for a housekeeper!" "Oh, don't be sexist," Mona replies. "A man can do meaningless, unproductive work just as well as a woman."

"Meaningless, unproductive work" is what Tony does for the Bowers--and does well--but he and Samantha (Milano) also become part of the family. Angela and Tony go on a number of dates with other people, but there's an obvious sexual tension between them. The show would continue to exploit that tension for eight seasons to great success (even inspiring a British version called The Upper Hand, with Honor Blackman as the "Mona" character). Helmond, meanwhile, would garner an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her efforts. Highlights include "Mona Gets Pinned," in which Mona takes up with a younger man, and "Angela's Ex, Part I," in which Angela reconciles with her estranged husband--who proceeds to fire Tony. Guest stars include Betty White (Mary Tyler Moore) in "Eye on Angela" and Danza's Taxi co-star Jeff Conoway in "First Kiss."

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Your Memories Shared!

"My favorite episiode is when Tony purposed to Angela.Then it left you hanging at the end. It would be cool to have reunion to let me see what happens."


"Who's The Boss is most definitely, the most family-oriented, adorable show ever invented. I am 13 years old and do not remember Who's The Boss form it's original run, but I now watch Who's The Boss reruns every single day after school faithfully. Angela, the flaky but very strong woman holds the group together along with he help of her faithful housekeeper and later-to-be boyfriend, Tony. Mona provides humour, Alyssa provides conflict, and Jonathan... well he's just a one-liner along for the ride! Who's The Boss will always be my favourite show and I am PROUD OF IT! MY favourite episode? Seer of Love... Tony and Angela profess their love for each other in the Tunnel of Love. The engraving on the back of the watch Angela gives Tony: "It's time I said I love you." awwwww!!!!!!!"


"I loved this show, especially the beautiful and talented - Alyssa Milano! Actually, she was the main reason I watched the show, even though Tony was pretty funny too."


"First off its great to see all the fresh new faces watching shows I have watched about at least 15 or 16 times, by watching shows like these you can discover what made an era before yours one to remember.
Who's The Boss? is one of my favorite shows because it allowed us guys to realize that men can and showed show that being a man isn't all about presenting a tough guy image, but about being able to show an emotional and feminine side. My favorite Episode was the Tunnel of Love because it brought the show to a point which so many fans had being dying to see Angela and Tony finally admitting to each other what they had hidden all the years in the things they said to each other and all the little momments they shared, and the first kiss even though you could see Tony hiding what was really happening the fact he loved her. Who the Boss? continues to be one of my favorite shows, even to this very day. I hope you Enjoy it as much as I did, or have continued to do over and over again."

--The Sandman.

"My favourite episode is Sam's junior prom! She looked absolutely stunning in that black dress with the white bows. I loved the way Angela tried to make everything work out for Sam just because she never had a success at her own prom. Angela later realizes that she shouldn't have interfered with Sam's decisions. I especially loved the way this episode ends with Tony surprising Angela with a prom he made upjust for her , "full moon and the works!" There has never been a better sitcom! Whenever theres a rerun playing my entire family is glued to the screen. Thank you for the best show in all time."

--vikster, who's the boss fan forever!

"My FAVORITE Who's the Boss? episode is the last episode in season one: "First Kiss. " It's Angela's birthday and everyone forgot! So, Angela (Jutdith Light) goes drinking with her friends while Tony (Tony Danza) is demonstrating the influence of drinking at the Y for a bunch of teens.

So, Tony comes home and Angela and her friends are there. When her friends leave, Angela tells Tony its her birthday. He feels horrible, so he goes to make her a cake.

While they were making the cake, they got into a flower fight. Then, Tony was chasing Angela with some flower to throw at her, and they ran into each other and then KISSED!!!!! Then, Angela felt "faint" (because of the alcohol).

Tony carries Angela upstairs to her bed. Then, Angela, very drunk, told Tony "Come here. " and when he went over there, she patted the bed next to her. . . uh oh. Tony put the covers on her and then left. "I'm gonna hate myself in the morning!" he coments.

Then, Angela wakes up with a MAJOR hangover. Her mother, Mona (Katherine Helmond), comes in and asked about the huge flower mess in the kitchen. Angela tries as hard as she could to recall what happened. . . she remembers the flower fight, and going up to the bedroom with Tony, and "rolling around on the bed". . . she thinks she SLEPT with Tony!

She decides to confront him, and talk it over with him. Tony thinks she is talking about the kiss at first, so he said it was no big deal, and meaningless. This shocks Angela, of course. So, then they get to talking and Angela begins to remember. Then, she asked why he didn't, you know, join her in bed. He says that he wouldn't want to loose her as a friend. . .

Tony adds "And, uh, if we did, ya know, loose each other as friends, I'd want you to remember it. . . and you would. "

Angela ends the episode, and the season, with these last words: "And so would you. ""

--obsessed w/ WTB!

"This show is my favorite because it's hilarious and it's intresting. My favorite episode is "Savor the Veal part 3". It's my favorite because in the beggining Angela left Tony because she would rather go back to Conneticut and work at her agency. At the end was the best part because Angela opens the door and Tony is there with his teacher's award. Angela was wearing the same bathrobe and same bathtowel she wore when they first met. My favorite quote was when Tony said "Is that what you always wear when your looking for a housekeeper?" Of course they went back together again."


"I began watching Who's The Boss when I was 6 years old. I am now 26 and still catch the syndicated episodes on Nick and Night. When I was younger, I would tape every episode just in case I would have to miss it to do homework. My favorite season was the last one. I waited for what seemed like an eternity for Tony and Angela to get together, and then we were left hanging in the end.

The night the series finale aired, I went to church for a revival. I meticulously made sure my VCR was set to record because the last episode was one I did not want to miss. When I got home, I turned ont he TV to watch everything unfold, only to discover that the VCR did not tape, or so I thought. I burst into tears, like I would never see the re-run or the show ever again. It was quickly pointed out to me that I had the TV on the wrong channel and that is why I thought it had not taped. I bascially looked rediculous over nothing. But Hey, when you are 14 and you have watched every waking moment of a sit-com, you kind of feel attached.

Looking forward, I hope this will still be on when I start having kids. It is hard to find good clean sit-coms these days."




Aired: September 20, 1984 - September 10, 1992

Cast: Judith Light, Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano, Danny Pintauro, Katherine Helmond, Robin Thomas

Network: ABC

Genre: Sitcom

Theme song

Image courtesy of ABC

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