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A Year in the Life

We've not had time to write about this TV show yet. If you were a fan, we'd love to have you help us out by writing a synopsis or review!


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"Love this show! Such a shame it was cancelled. Loved Sarah Jessica Parker with her crazy hair. My favorite episode was when Sunny lost he virginity."


"I first remember seeing the pilot episode when Eva Marie Saint as the mother was killed in a carwreck and the family is forced to cope with her loss. This show was the best I had ever seen because of the script, casting and originality. Nothing comes close to it and when it was cancelled, I thought Brandon Tartikoff, the program director who axed it, made the biggest mistake of his career.

My favorite episodes involve Jack because I can identify with him and David Oliver's budding relationship with Sara Jessica Parker. I will never forget the episode of them dancing to Bob Seegar's "We've got Tonight" awakening deep feelings for each other. The show made an ordinary life come alive and they did it with superb scripting and first rate acting. I still think about the show and deeply regret its cancellation before it had a chance to mature and become known to the general public. The network should do us all a favor and bring it back and show a new generation what they missed."


"A Year in the Life was a wonderful three part series shoen on TV in 1987. It is a story that touches everyone in some way because of the characters. I have it on video tape and watch it once a year, if not twice. Please, somebody, get this to re-run for other generations to watch and identify with.

My favorite part is how Sam struggles between marring his highschool prom queen or Sarah Jessica Parker's character. How a drive in a storm to the vet turned tragic and the story built around a close family try to cope.

The acting was brilliant. Every character made you feel something: Anger, abandonment, love, loss of love, Quitting, and emotions so intense you just get wrapped up in it all! I recommend you get a copy from someone and watch as reality hits home!"




Aired: 1987-1988

Cast: Richard Kiley, Wendy Phillips, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diana Muldaur, Amanda Peterson

Network: NBC

Genre: Drama

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