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Beauty and the Beast

By Winter Solstice

Catherine was an associate for a big city, slick law firm until she was kidnapped (as it turned out, by accident), had her face slashed and was left for dead. Vincent found her, took her 'below' and ministered to her until she was well enough to leave. Catherine fell in love with his voice, and at first was afraid of the way he looked but soon found out that Vincent was beautiful in the only way that mattered - in his soul and his heart.

As the show continued, Catherine left the slick law firm (which was, as it turned out, owned by her father) and went to work for the district attorney's office for a mere fraction of what she had been making before. (It did seem a little strange though that she never moved out of her penthouse apartment). Because of her love for Vincent, all the good - that she really hadn't known was there - began to surface.

As the series went on we learned more and more about Vincent - except, possibly, what species he was. Unfortunately, as the series went on the situations became more and more outlandish and it became harder to suspend belief. The network never let this program show the episodes leading up to the final outcome, we were suddenly plunged into 'life without Catherine' as Linda Hamilton went on to the Terminator movies.

Vincent was surely one of the most romantic leading characters to ever grace the screen, if for no other reason than his voice (and those shoulders, which as I understand were unpadded!). It is too bad the series was allowed to run past the time it should have ended.


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Your Memories Shared!

"This is the most romantic show that was on tv at the time. It starred a woman who worked for a big company. One night, while leaving a restaurant, a van come up and threw her inside. She is cut up and left for dead in a nearby park. Something or someone finds her. He is half man and half beast. He takes her down below street level to an underground world. He helps save her life. She is at first scared then curious of her knight in shinig armor. The show continues on each week as she is in trouble and he knows the right time to come save her again. They have a strong tie stronger than love. Towards the end of the shows demise, she becomes pregnant by him but dies by a lethal injection. It is sad but their love will live on with their baby."


"I would give anything to have this series revived. It touched my heart in a way that no other drama series has ever done. Written with sensitivity, wisdom, and passion, it teaches us that beauty truly lies within.

Today's reality shows portray superficialty at its worst. Beauty and the Beast was a gift for the senses and the soul.

How wonderful it would be to see it replayed. I shall love its characters forever."


"I really loved this show. It showed that the love between these two people would endure, forever. Also, they cared about all human beings, no matter their race, etc. To Reign In Hell was my favorite episode. The reason is that Vincent fought that giant for Catherine and his family. It is called Love. "


"I was an early teen when this series aired and I must say that this is the most quality tv I have seen to date. Each week, I would hang on the edge of my seat watching. There was always something to take with you from the episodes. They weren't at all like the tv of today. This was a truly a "love" story. I loved Vicent's poetry readings and the connection the two of them shared. It truly is a shame we do not have good tv such as this now. I am glad to have grown up during the time this series was on. I know I share this feeling with many when I say, these characters and show will remain in my heart forever. It touched me in a way nothing ever has."


"When oh when oh when oh when is SOMEONE going to release this series on DVD??? When I see some of the tripe that is being resurrected and slapped on DVD, I cannot believe that some sharp young executive at Lion's Gate (or whoever owns the rights) hasn't figured out that there are a huge number of BATB fans out there who would gladly buy the entire series on disk."


"My favourite episode (I can't remember the name), but it was where the plague came to their world. I remember one scene where they burned the body of a little girl that died, and they wrote letters and threw them into the fire cos they said the flames would carry them up to Heaven. It was one of the things I remember most about my childhood - the show was fantastic, heartrending and utterly fantastic. It touched my heart and I wish they would bring it out on DVD again - it was one of the most amazing shows of the Awesome80s and I loved it!"




Aired: 1987-1990

Cast: Linda Hamilton, Ron Perlman

Network: CBS

Genre: Drama

Theme song

Image courtesy of CBS

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