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Crime Story

By Travis

From the opening montage set to the tune of "Runaway," featuring tough, trenchcoat-clad cops, "Crime Story" was the coolest. It was essentially "Miami Vice" set in sixties Chicago. "Crime Story" launched the careers of both real-life cop Dennis Farina and "CSI: Miami's David Caruso. Caruso appeared in the pilot as a friend of Farina's character Lt. Torello. His touches off the series-long feud between Torello and Chicago crime boss Ray Luca.

Although "Crime Story" lasted only two seasons, the show was highly stylish and ambitious. Another fun fact: in one of the episodes, Lt. Torello has a blow-up with his wife and leaves, taking his TV with him. He later chucks it from his car in a fit of anger. Director Michael Mann stole this bit from his own show and inserted it into his film "Heat," where Al Pacino does the same thing.


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""Crime Story" was definitely my favorite TV show during the Awesome80s. It had everything: Good storyline, old cars, a rockin', thumpin' soundtrack (I still think Del's "Crime Story" version of "Runaway" is the song's BEST version), handsome heroes, and slimy villains. To this day, I cannot understand why NBC ditched this show in favor of what I call "dressed-up crud." Thanks for letting me get in my 2 cents' worth!"


"Crime Story was hip. Totally rockin' to Del Shannon's "Runaway" beat with raw cops before a time of Miranda Rights. The villains were stunning! Anthony Denison as Ray Luca led the pack. John Santucci as Pauli Taglia was the loveable moron and sidekick to Ray, but also a real thug and the show's technical advisor. Dennis Farina, a real life ex-Chicago Cop, was the star and leader of the "MCU" (Major Crime Unit). Ted Levine as Frank Holman played a stunning role in this series before his "Silence of the Lambs" fame. This show had it all: Hair from outerspace, cars with fins, cops in black trenchcoats, and plenty of blondes. And, oh yes, let's not forget the rockin' 60's music!"

--Brian Young

""Crime Story" is simply my favorite police show of all time. Nobody plays a cop like Dennis Farina (Lt Torello). Who could forget the "dumb capades" of Ray Luca's side-kick, Pauly Taglia? This show had it all: great music, cool clothes, awesome cars, laughter, intensity, suspense and above all class. I can't wait to get my DVDs!"

--Panama Slim

"CS was awesome. From Pauli rigging the elevator to detonate in Cleveland to kill Ganz and his gang to Ray taking over Vegas in a shark skin suit showing how the skim works, it was kick ass. Seeing Frank Holman do his Elvis act was priceless too. One great scene was where Ray takes care of business in Chicago before leaving for Vegas when he takes out Phil Bartoli and Trenchita, the old, stupid bulls of the Chicago crime world. Manny Weisboard gave the order, and they were gone. I could go on forever citing great scene after scene. Thanks for the space!"


"In many respects this was The Shield of its day, but way, way classier and with much better music. The characters are rarely one-dimensional and the plot lines are good enough to carry the characters from beautifully-staged scene to scene. To this moment I still occasionally have to replay the one episode I have on tape just to hear the mix of dialogue, cool jazz, 60s pop, and that very special DOOM-ba-doom-ba, DOOM-ba-ba-doom-ba . . . followed inevitably by a saxophone squeal and another hard-luck end for someone. If misery loves company, it loves these characters. "




Aired: 1986-1988

Cast: Dennis Farina

Network: NBC

Genre: Police Drama

Theme song

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