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Hardcastle & McCormick

By Wikipedia

Hardcastle and McCormick is a 1980s action/drama TV series shown on ABC from 1983-1986, starring Brian Keith as Judge Milton C. Hardcastle and Daniel Hugh Kelly as ex-con Mark "Skid" McCormick.

Plot Summary

Retired judge Milton C. Hardcastle is a man who is not happy with the justice system; he wants to go after some criminals who he tried and got off on technicalities. Hardcastle gets Mark "Skid" McCormick, an ex-con he sent away for car theft and robbery, to work with him to catch such unpunished criminals. Hardcastle and McCormick at first didn't get along to well because McCormick still thought Hardcastle was too harsh when he was sentenced to prison.


Brian Keith .... Judge Milton C. Hardcastle
Daniel Hugh Kelly .... Mark "Skid" McCormick
Mary Jackson .... Sarah Wicks (1983)
John Hancock .... Lt. Michael Delaney (1984-1985)
Joe Santos .... Lt. Frank Harper (1985-1986)


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Your Memories Shared!

"Hardcastle and McCormick was a great show! I loved just about all the episodes. Brian Keith is a classic and Daniel Hugh Kelly was the reason I started watching the show. I loved this show because it made you feel good. It had action, friendship, humor and even the occasional sadness. he relationship between Hardcastle and McCormick was perfect. They played off each other so well. I loved to see them flinging wisecracks past each other, it gave the show some sparks. But you could definately tell they truly came to care and respect each other quite deeply. This relationship was what kept me watching. They tried so hard to show that they didn't care about each other even while putting their life on the line for the other. Each man had a background of losing the ones he cared about so therefore did not want to care too deeply about anyone else. If you could get past the car chases and focus on the relationship between these two guys, you would find the show fantastic. I wish it had stayed on the air longer. I am glad to see there are so many websites now and so many people who, just like me, are true fans of this show that I really loved!!"


"I have at least two "Hardcastle & McCormick" episodes that are my favorites that occurred during the 1985-86 season. The first one was when game show host Tom Kennedy was a guest star as a demented game show host and he uttered the famous lines, "People don't like mean shows like detective shows and news shows - they like friendly shows like game shows!". The other one was the famous one with guest star (the late) Rosemary Clooney in which she played a housekeeper who was psychic and kept in her room with the rocking chair and the ticking clock."


"[My favorite episode was] the program's final, in which the Mark McCormick character was shown to be attending law school on his own, completed the series in a way of benefiting people - friendship building, adversity overcome, caring, perhaps loving between men of different temperaments, different ages, different experiences."


"I loved the show. It had good car chases good plots. I liked it how McCormick didnt allways play by the rules. The cars were classics. And the father/son antics between them really made me relate to them. I watch it with my dad and we could not enjoy it more. I used to run home from school so I didnt miss out on any of the plots. I wish they make a reunion show one day. It is up there with the best."

--Elvis Christ

"This show brings back alot of memories... I loved the show because of the concept of a race car driver helping a judge out fix cases that walked out of the courtroom on technicalities. The characters had great chemestry, the car was sweet! One of my favorite episodes has to be the plot, and also an episode where the first attempt of the judge's partner, another con, comes back for revenge. All in all, its a good show."


"A Great and Classic Show I wish it was played more today I watched it with my father and brother. The car was the main attraction at first then you fell in for the Stories. I have part 2 of the pilot and my favorite episode was one where Brian Keith came back to the court room for some villian of the week and is shot and Mark goes after the bad guy. You see the real father/son commitment of what they have been through has done from barely speaking and insults to don't you die on me."

--R Randall



Aired: September 18, 1983 - July 23, 1986

Cast: Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Brian Keith, Mary Jackson, John Hancock

Network: ABC

Genre: Detective Drama

Theme song

Image courtesy of ABC

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