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Houston Knights

By Houston Outlaw

This short lived Awesome80s police drama teamed Michael Beck (The Warriors) with Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers) as unlikely partners. Levon Lundy (Beck) has lived his entire life in Houston. He lost his wife in a tragic "accident" that was meant for him. His boss, Lt. Joanne Beaumont was once his partner and promoted above him. They have remained close friends through it all.

 Lundy's hot temper gets him into trouble when he is unwillingly given a partner, Joseph Anthony LaFiamma (Pare). LaFiamma was transferred to Texas from Chicago's homicide squad as an arraignment to save his life. He has a large Italian family that mainly consists of organized crime members. The nature of his profession as well as his arrogance forced his uncle (a major crime boss) to sneak him out of the city and helped him to relocate.

The arraignment sounds good in theory but once he meets his new partner, the two worlds collide. Will the good 'ol boy and the city slicker every see eye to eye? Half the fun in watching their sarcastic quips and outlandish arguments is the fact that this duo is actually bonding without realizing it. More often than not, their different approaches to crime solving compliment each other in a perfect mix of North meets South, city meets country, and oil meets vinegar.


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Your Memories Shared!

"I have two favorite episodes: "Someone To Love" and "Burnout". I didn't know the series was cancelled so soon. I like "Houston Knights" a lot, too bad it ends so soon, but, like they said: "Good things never last". Thanks for give us the chance to make comments about our favorites shows and of our favorites episodes. [Editor's note: No, thank YOU for sharing your memories!]"


"One of my favorites is For Caroline, I really like how the partners back each other up throughout this whole episode.

Lundy is so angry and LaFiamma is so uncharacteristically patient with him. And never leaves him alone to his own devices, which would lead to his downfall--and yet at the end, when Lundy has to make the choice to cross the line or not--Lafiamma totally backs him, and whatever he would choose to do, and all the time you can see on his face he is praying that Levon makes the Right choice. And when he does, you can see the pride on LaFiamma's face and it tells what their partnership is all about."


"I just loved the whole series. I enjoyed the episodes most that teach us alittle bit more about the inner workings of both men and their evolving partnership. Crime Spree, was the episode where Joey lied to Levon about money and almost ended their relationship. Showed the various differences in their value systems. Them being stuck together and learning they need each other more than they realize is a core part of the series for me.

My favorite episodes usually include something that shows more of either their past, or things that show more of who each man is and what they bring to the partnership, so that when they are together they make things work.

I also love episodes where at least one of them meets someone who would or could be actually good for them and they get to connect with someone who could be positive in their lives. Single In Heaven is a good one about each of them starting to connect to someone else and start thinking about life besides the job sometimes.

(though I have to say, I never did care for Jamie and Levon together, she always seemed to be trying too hard. )"




Aired: March 11, 1987 June 10, 1988

Cast: Michael Pare, Michael Beck

Network: CBS

Genre: Police Drama

Theme song

Image courtesy of CBS

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