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Rags to Riches

By Anonymous

Millionaire Nick Foley has risen from the gritty streets of New Jersey to the palm-lined avenues of Beverly Hills through a frozen food empire that he built from the ground up. When Foley decides to improve his public image, he adopts six orphan girls, ranging in age from about six to fifteen, who are determined to stay together. Nick must then struggle to resolve the conflict between his time-consuming business life and the girls' need for a real loving father. Set in the early 1960's, "Rags To Riches" is filled with delightful musical numbers from the era, hilarious comedy and heartwarming drama.


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"Rags to Riches was the best musical drama ever!!! It's about Nick Foley adopting 6 orphan girls for a buisness deal merger. His idea backfires when the girls find out and they cause him to lose the deal. He decides it wasn't that important and wants them to stay permanatly. The series didn't stay though. It lasted 20 episodes (2 seasons) and starred the following: Nick Foley - Joseph Bologna
Rose - Kimiko Gelman
Marva - Tisha Campbell
Nina - Heather McAdams
Diane - Bridgett Michelle
Patty - Blanca Degarr
Mickey - Heidi Zieglar
Clapper - Douglas Seale


"This was, and still is my favorite TV show of all time. I never missed a single episode and still have a scrap book with the names of every song, and description of every episode. I guess I was obsessed, but how could you not be. It was an awesome show. I think TVland or Nick at Night should air every episode (at least till I can get them all on video)."

--Perfectly Popsicle

"This was my favorite show growing up! I use to beg my mom to let me stay up and watch this show and used to tape the songs with my boom box hel up to the TV."


"My favorite episode was the pilot episode (the only one that Nina was in) and the Vegas Rock episode. That is the one where Diane gets Elvis' guitar."


"Rags to Riches was my favorite Awesome80s show in terms of shows that were not huge longtime successes (i.e. Cosby Show, Family Ties, Dallas). I fell in love with it instantly. It even sparked an interest in '60s music for me, which is before my time. The show, after all, was set around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis (I remember they did a big episode about that involving Nick Foley building an underground shelter). My favorite episodes are, in no particular order, Patty goes to the beach, Patty tries to find her real mother (actually, that and the beach may have been the same episode), and Micki tries to sell Girl Scout Cookies (something like that; I remember there were a thousand boxes piled up at the Foley mansion). I was SUPER fortunate to get the original movie at the video store, of which I now own a fairly decent copy. All the TV shows, however, remain out of my grasp, and I'm sure NBC is in no great rush to sell syndication rights. Anyway, thanks for letting me have my say."


"I really enjoyed rags to riches, the elaborate sets, the costumes, the colors, I was about 9 or 10 when it came out, and the fabulous sets, beautiful greens of landscape, along with the fantasy story of success and turmoils of spoiled youth was truly enjoyable. I've wondered throughout the years if the series is available on video cassette, for that is the only sitcom I would like to watch, again and again, reminiscent of simpler times and fantastic life."


"I don't what it was or is about this show that makes me miss it still. Every once in awhile the pilot is on and I can't help but watch it. The pilot was my favorite, then they magically got rid of Nina! She was my favotite. It was cheesy but at the same time it appeals to everyone's sense of fairytales coming true and finding that place where they belong. I mean and the fact that they broke out in song didn't hurt either!!"


"Well I was 5 years old when Rags to Riches came out and I loved it, it was all I can watch. I love the music in it especially since it was 60s music. My favorite character is "Mickey" she is such a star when she plays her little saxophone!"


"I love Rags To Riches -- there were 20 episodes made in all. My favorite being an episode entitled Vegas Rock - it was the second season opener and had the girls going to las vegas to find Elvis' guitar. Other memorable episodes include one named Patty's Mom -- Patty ( Blanca Degarr) finds her birth mother. What makes this memorable? It's the only episode to bring to light whatever happened to the 6th orphan girl Nina (from the pilot)."


"I loved all the episodes of rags to riches. I was only 6-7 at the time, so what did i know? My favorite episode was Rose and the Beauty Pageant (#2), and #4 with Diane and her new boyfriend, who was in the gang that kept black books."


""First Love" was the greatest episode of Rags to Riches. It really similated growing up. For example, Diane facing the peer pressure of sleeping with Duke, and the rebellion against Nick is something that we teenagers face everyday. While the other episode could happen, this was just more like an everyday thing. It was GREAT!!!!!"


"Best show in the world, made me wish I had a sister. Still does! I spent a great deal of money to bring it back into my life, but it's still not the same as sitting down and watching a "new" episode. Miss the girls, miss Nick, miss Clapper, miss the music. Three days form 30 and still long for their come-back! It's like losing five family members of my own."


"I used to love watching the show. My best friend and I would re-create scenes, I would be Rose and she would be Diane. We thought we were it on the playground. The funniest memory of the show is when Mickey wouldn't take her medicine, so Nick said he would burn her sneakers-the one pair she NEVER took off her feet. Of course, that's how Nick got her to take the medicine! I miss that show. I would love to see repeats!!"


"When I was growing up this was my favorite show. I used to tape them all off and watch them over and over again. I loved the songs thay used to sing. Everytime I hear "Lollipop" now I think of that rags to riches show. Just like AllanG, it made me fall in love with that era of music and I still love it more than anything else. I wish that I had every show now so I could watch them over again. I use to have a few taped off but some how thay are not home anymore. I can't belive so many people love the show as much as me. Alot of my friends have never seen it, or heard of it. When I finally hear of someone that know about it I get so excited! I think thay should play reruns on t.v. like thay do with everything else."


"This was one of the best shows I have ever seen. My sisters video taped almost every episode and I figured it wasn't a big deal and I taped over all of them. But the one episode that sticks out is when Diane dates Duke and Nick doesn't approve, but she sneaks out to see him anyway. I wish I still had the episodes around so I can watch them."


"rags to riches was a great show, especially the pilot. my favorite characters were the SHEMBECKLER girls. jodi, the one in the one piece pink bathing suit was awesome. sure they were rude and snotty, but she and the others were so good looking. wish they had more parts in the film. "


"I loved the show and movie Rags to Riches. It was so fun. My favorite charachter was Mickey. I wish I could see some old rags to riches screen caps or pictures. I miss it being on tv. They should have repeats on a channel for people to watch. I thought it was real neat whenever Mickey would play her saxaphone. Well bye everyone."


"I'm from Malaysia and Rags to Riches was aired here in the late Awesome80s. To this day I still think it was an awesome tv show. Loved it! They had great songs and plots. I had to beg my dad to watch it because watching tv was out of the question when I was in school. My favourite was Patty. I would love to watch them again but I doubt that there will ever be reruns here. sob."




Aired: March 9, 1987 - September 11, 1988

Cast: Joseph Bologna. Douglas Seale

Network: NBC

Genre: Dramedy

Theme song

Image courtesy of NBC

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