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Strike Force

By sc813

Strike Force was the darkest of Aaron Spelling's cop show efforts. It ran Friday nights at 10 on ABC in during the 1981-82 season. A pre-Unsolved Mysteries Robert Stack played Capt. Frank Murphy who led a hair-trigger crew of detectives culled from California's law enforcement community to fight the toughest urban criminal element: serial killers, etc.

While it garnered few viewers, the show did gain the reputation at the time of being the most violent program on television (ironically, Stack's The Untouchables was one of the first TV shows ever called to the carpet for its on-screen violence). The pull-no-punches pilot featured an ax-wielding husband and wife who proceeded to, one-by-one, decapitate the jury who sentenced their son to prison.

"Strike Force" was clearly TV's answer to the vigilante justice doled out by big-screen cop Dirty Harry, with the team hunting down a different blood-thirsty maniac each week. Herb Edelman ("The Golden Girls") played the flustered police official who barely kept Murphy and his strike force under control. Character actor mainstays Dorian Harewood, Richard Romanus, Trisha Noble and Michael Goodwin rounded out the tough-as-nails team.


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"I remember that Trisha Noble was one of the hottest looking actresses on television that season."




Aired: November 13, 1981 - September 24, 1982

Cast: Robert Stack, Herb Edelman, Dorian Harewood, Richard Romanus, Trisha Noble, Michael Goodwin

Network: ABC

Genre: Police Drama

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