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Tour of Duty

The first television series to depict the American soldier in combat during the Vietnam War, producer Zev Braun's Emmy-nominated Tour of Duty earned critical acclaim during its three-season run. Judging by the number of Internet sites devoted to the program, it also remains a fan favorite more than a decade after its 1989 cancellation; said fans should be pleased with this five-disc set, which compiles the entire 1987 debut season in a slightly altered format.

What's untouched on this set is the drama and tension endured by the men of Company B, a racially and socially diverse platoon led by Sgt. Zeke Anderson (Terence Knox), as they serve their twelve-month tour in 1967. The 21 episodes of the first season (largely helmed by veteran TV writer-director Bill W.L. Norton) take the platoon from their formation at Firebase Ladybird ("Pilot") to the brutal battle to take Hill 1000 ("The Hill") that concludes the season on a downbeat note.

What's missing, as longtime fans will immediately note, is the theme song (the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black") and much of the vintage rock music that played throughout the series. They've been replaced by generic (if effective) library tracks, which may lessen the impact of certain favorite scenes for viewers familiar with the broadcast versions. Also, no other extras are available on the disc, which is a slight disappointment, but for fans, simply having the entire first season might be satisfying enough.

[Editor's note: This first season DVD boxed set runs about $37.50 at (see links below). How much more would it have cost if it had included the great original music from the series? Well, Miami Vice has recently been released complete with all the music and it goes for $44.99. Would you have paid the extra $7.50 for the music?]

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"The most realistic and intriguing show about our Vietnam fighters ever made. Scripts are good, flow from one episode to the next like unfoldidng drama. Great acting (fav. is "Sgt. Anderson"), realistic stories/scenery. Good drama, well done!"


"Tour of Duty is the most realistic series about the Vietnam war. The actors portrayed individuals with great human strength. I hope that the series will soon return. It would be absolutely wonderful if an update on the characters lives after the conflict was over would be made. This would help give all the characters a future. My favorite episodes were Necessary End, Cloud Nine and Thanks for the Memories."


"Tour of Duty was a great series about Vietnam. You saw the emotions from the boys in the Army. You lived with them, with all the problems they had. It's too bad they don't broadcast it anymore in the Netherlands. The enviroment, where the Army had to live in, was great represent."




Aired: September 24, 1987 - August 25, 1990

Cast: Terence Knox, Kevin Conroy, Stephen Caffrey, Tony Becker, Kim Delaney, Carl Weathers, Lee Majors

Network: CBS

Genre: War Drama

Theme song

Image courtesy of CBS

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