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Cover Up

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"If I remember rightly it was a private investigator type drama, the theme music was 'I need a Hero' by Bonnie Tyler, and I think the original actor was killed in a stunt accident while making the programme. [Editor's note: It's true. Jon-Erik Hexum accidentally shot himself in the head on the set of Cover Up and was replaced by Antony Hamilton.]"

--Catrin Ansell

"Cover Up was excellent!! The main character who shot himself (see above) was an undercover mercenary/PI Vietnam Vet with a team of supermodels. I think the characters name was Max. Kind of A-Team meets Charlies Angels."


"Well I used to watch cover up not because it was a masterpiece (a clever idea though!) but only for Jon Erik Hexum, the super-hunk! Yes! That extreme beatty may contains philosophical… connotations! When he died I lost interest despite the wonderfull efforts of others to keep it up."


"I remember fondly Cover Up -- the mixture of Bonnie Tyler's song and Jon's good looks kept me glued to the TV every Friday night for a while. I remember staring in total disbelief at the small screen at the end of one episode -- the announcement of Jon's accidental death. I was so broken-hearted, I couldn't watch another episode. It was lovely while it lasted."


"Cover Up was based on a Fashion Photographer whos husband was working for the CIA and he disappeared presumed dead she makes a deal to get their new secret agent in but he has to pose as a model with her company and with both male leads they are action star kind of guys not use to wearing silk shirts and dripping beautiful women.

Alot of cloak and dagger kind of mystery stories. Sadly the first lead shot himself and was replaced but the shock kind of stayed with the show and caused its cancellation."

--R Randall

"I use to love this show and I was only nine years old. I can remember plain as day when Hexum acccidentally killed himself and they replaced him. Well I cried and cried and they could never replace him in my eyes so I never watched the show again. "




Aired: September 22, 1984 - July 6, 1985

Cast: Jon-Reik Hexum (replaced by Antony Hamilton), Richard Anderson, Jennifer O'Neill

Network: CBS

Genre: Detective Drama

Theme song

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