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By his majesty King Ramon

Dynasty was a night time soap designed to compete with another night time soap called Dallas. Dynasty was set in Denver, Colorado and its main characters were two families: the Carrington's and the Colby's.

The head of the Carrington clan was Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) who built Denver-Carrington, his oil empire, from the ground up. His first wife Alexis (Joan Collins) cheated on Blake so he used his money and power to chase her out of Denver and away from their two kids, Fallon (Pamela Sue Martin, but later replaced by Emma Samms) and Steven (Al Corley, but later replaced by Jack Coleman).

They all lived in a 48 room mansion called the Carrington Mansion. Years later Blake married his secretary Krystal Grant Jennings (Linda Evans). Daughter Fallon was trampy and was known for sleeping around. She was very protective of her father and did not like Krystal.

Son Steven was struggling with homosexuality. He was very close to older sister Fallon and distant with father. He was kind to Krystal. When Blake killed Steven's boyfriend and was on trial for murder his estranged ex-wife, Alexis came back to Denver to testify and get her revenge on Blake for chasing her away.

Alexis and Krystal were always at each others faces resulting in cat fights. Alexis Carrington married Blake's oil enemy Cecil Colby (Lloyd Bochner) on his death bed after causing his heart attack during afternoon set. Cecil died and left Alexis half of Colbyco, his billion dollar oil empire on the condition Alexis destroy Blake.

During the series Alexis would beat Blake financially time and time again. Alexis would get in cat fights with Krystal and Dominic (Diahann Carroll), who was Blake's African American half sister. Alexis was portrayed as an evil bitch who stopped at nothing to get her way.

However, she was still madly in love with Blake and not even her young husband number three, Dex Dexter (Michael Nader) could compete with Blake. Alexis was also very motherly with her children. She was reunited with long time kidnapped first born son Adam (Gordon Thomson) and her secret child baby Amanda return to her.

Alexis' baby sister Caress Morell (Kate O'Mara) tried to expose her with a "tell all" book Sister Dearest (obviously an homage to Mommie Dearest). Even Alexis' cousin Sable Scott Colby memorably battled her.

The show was over the top - even by Awesome80s standards - with homosexuality, infidelity, rape and backstabbing along with designer clothes and glitz and glamour with a sad ending that should be picked up and updated.

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"Dynasty was certainly most entertaining show of the 1980's. The show combined such elements as suspense, glamour, drama, romance, and weekly plot twists to captivate television viewers every season. Nolan Miller's elegant fashions and the show's elaborate sets gave its audience a weekly escape into a fantasy world of the rich. Dynasty's stars were very glamourous too and the characters they portrayed complex. All of these factors combined to create a successful and memorable program!"


"The best episodes were the cat-fights between Alexis and Krystal -- particuarly the lily pond fight."


"[My favorite episode was] when, Alexis and Blake's astranged brother took his home and other stuff, Blake choked Alexis at the top of the stairs."


"My favorite episode is when Sable Colby and Alexis got into a fight on the ninth seaon of Dynasty. The fight took place at the Carlton Hotel and involved Adam, and Monica as well as Jeff Colby. Sable was enraged that Alexis would reveal sensitive information of Monica and bare it all for everyone to hear. Sable attacked Alexis but was restrained by Jeff. however Jeff was distracted and Sable went after Alexis and the two dueling vixens clashed and fought. Sable was provoked by Alexis."


"My favorite episodes of Dynasty were the Muldavia Massecure La Mirage Fire. Matthew Blaisdale holding the family hostage at the mansion and the series finale. I was disappointed with the way the series ended but glad their was a reunion movie. Imagine cheating loyal viewers into thinking Alexis died when Adam pushed her and Dex off the balcony!"


"One of my favorite episodes is where Krystal & Alexis gets into a catfight in Alexis's studio. She takes the drawning of Blake that Alexis did and smashes it over her knee!!! I also liked the episodes that showed them all dressed up, "the ball events". And also I would have to include Fallon's party at La Mirage, she gets drunk and is dancing on the diving board and falls in!! What memories, I will continue to relive them the rest of my life. Classic moments in television history."


"My favourite episode is when Blake Carington nearly lost his mind over the death of his son Steven. He touched my heart with his mixed feelings of grief and belief that his son is alive somewhere"

--Sherry Shafik

"I loved and still love Dynasty, this was one of the very few soaps that gave us the example of faithfullness in a marriage, along with love and respect, and I will always love the show for this. As progressive in nature as Dynasty was, it allowed the viewers the opportunity to see romance, compassion, respect, and a love that grew with time. Especially with a older couple, where society was headed for youth orientation, Dynasty allowed us to see passion in a very sensitive and innocent form, in this aspect of the show we were taken back to the old love stories of the 40' & 50's. This I feel was the greatest asset Dynasty had to display it gave us the sense of family and the desire to have such a relationship and to believe it was possible."


"My favorite part of Dynasty was the introductory music. It was like a grand, entrancing welcome being everso, casually late and everyone watching as you entered. The characters and their parts were written with such pride and honor. Aaron Spelling hasn't produced quality shows like Dallas, Knots Landing, Dynasty, and the Colby's since.

Dynasty combined whimsical, glamour and reality of screwed up family life and created something that everyone not only related to, but left wanted to be apart.

My second favorite part was when Alexis and Blake's estranged brother take Blake's fortune by claiming that Blake was to never have received his now-dead father's inheritance and that his brother, now missing for many years and pop's back into the picture, who is bedazzled by Alexis Colby-Carrington, Blake's ex-wife, and moves into the home, business, and bank accounts of Blake Carrington. All along living in a lie trying to steal what was never meant to be his. It all comes out in the wash about 4 months later and Alexis is back at square one again with no lover or friends.

Dynasty makes all of us want to look up at the stars and say, "Come and get me.......come and get me; I was supposed to be a Carrington, I know it!""

--Robert Brown

"Please bring back Dynasty with the original cast. Everyone wants the show back on the air full-time. The cast will make a ton of money. The true fans want them back!
P. S. I hope Joan Collins sees this!"


"I like the eposides of Pamela Sue Martin I wish she did not leave I know it was her choice and I like the eposide " New Lady in Town""


"Dynasty is a great show! I would like to one of the cable networks pick it up! I miss Pamela Sue Martin she was great as Fallon. "


"The best part about "Dynasty" was the intensity, no matter what was going on. Yeah, it sucked after awhile, but I loved every Carrington moment. Krystle kinda wore me out, but she made up for it when she fought Alexis. And the clothes! This shoqw made priome-time soaps and should be revamped for today's viewers. Maybe not the same characters, but another family just as rich and wacky as the Carrington's. I miss the days of Blake and Krystle being in so much turmoil over one of Alexis' schemes or Jeff trying to find his way back to Fallon, and my favorite storyline ever-Dominique reveals she's a Carrington! Shows like this do not come a dime a dozen. "Dallas" and "Knot's Landing" were child's play compared to "Dynasty"."

--The Black Carrington Cousin

"Dynasty was an amazing description of the wealth and excess that was so evident and in sync with the Awesome80s. During this time period the Awesome80s movement was glamorized and exalted to high extreme. Think big hair, shoulder pads, diamonds, cadillacs, fur coats, jewels, and expansive mansions that outdid them all. (Even South Fork - remember the Filoli Mansion is a world famous estate of high prominence>)

Dynasty epitomized the wealth, glamour, and decadence of a decade that was both tantillizing and alluring.

For me what best signifies the dynasty universe was the Catfights and the female role of villiany. (Not only J. R. could be devious.) Alexis was a b**** and was good at it. And it was so noteworthy of Dynasty to show the world that women could throw a nast punch. It was truly a show that was a the top of the pile. And remember it had royalty and presidential persuasion added to the picture. How many other shows could boast that.

My favorite Dynasty character was British actor, Stephanie Beacham who portrayed Sabella Scott COLBY. Sable was buetiful and graceful. She managed to convince me that she was an aristocratic heiress of great wealth. Stephanie unfortuneately was not given due attention and was not utilized more. She should have been. Also they should have capitlized on the Alexis vs. Sable fued. More so than what was put on the table. Also the catfight between the two at the CARLTON was so tame. Excellent acting but very tame. The Lilly pond scrap was more heated than that scrap!

Oh but the Dynasty movie presentation that was recently released using other actors was lame. The Dynasty stars themselves did not support it so I did not watch it. But the press reports and pictures were beyond low. It was pathetic I did not even want to even witness it. Dynasty was so much better than that feeble attempt at commercialisim. DYNASTY WAS SO MUCH MORE AWESOME- ( I'm using an Awesome80s word - but it was - it really really was - suddenly I feel like I'm back in the Awesome80s )

In conclusion, long live Dynasty!"

--Sable Dynasty

"Dynasty was off the hook as far as I'm corcerned. Blake Carrington was the ultimate tycoon! I really did not care for the show after pamela Sue Martin left as Fallon, but I think Emma Samms did okay. The best moment on Dynasty is when Blake, Dominique, and Alexis are at the reading of Tom Carrington's will and Dominique tells Alexis, "You hate me and I despise you, but you'll have to get use to it. We're one, big family now. " Classic lines! And remember the episode where Alexis and Krysle first fight in the studio. Krystle to Alexis, "If you want a rematch, just whistle. If you can. " I absoluely love Dynasty and nothing will ever compare to it!"


"Of all the soap operas, Dynasty had the most realistic characters.

I think that this fact is was kept us watching, along with the fact that there was a husband and wife who actually stayed together despite hardships and shared a true and passionate love for each other.

I think my favourite episodes are the ones that portrayed the fights between Alexis and Krystle. It was gratyfing to see Krystle win because her winning represented the fact that Alexis, no matter how hard she tried to break Krystle and Blake up and win Blake back, would never never get Blake to leave his beloved Krystle. "

--Real Fan

"It wasn't until the cliffhanger of the wedding massacre that I found an interest in Dynasty. I always preferred Knots Landing to all the Awesome80s soap operas, but there was something that kept you watching Dynasty.With the glamour, suspence, fashion, and sometimes terrible acting it just kept me tuning in. Bring back all the Awesome80s soaps with a younger sexier cast of the new generation."


"Dynasty was off the hook as far as I&'m corcerned. Blake Carrington was the ultimate tycoon! I really did not care for the show after pamela Sue Martin left as Fallon, but I think Emma Samms did okay. The best moment on Dynasty is when Blake, Dominique, and Alexis are at the reading of Tom Carrington&'s will and Dominique tells Alexis, "You hate me and I despise you, but you&'ll have to get use to it. We&'re one, big family now. " Classic lines! And remember the episode where Alexis and Krysle first fight in the studio. Krystle to Alexis, "If you want a rematch, just whistle. If you can. " I absoluely love Dynasty and nothing will ever compare to it!"


"Please Please Please, Bring Dynasty back on the air. With the orginal cast. . sort of a 2004 verses the Awesome80s it would be kick ass cool, and I am sure it would get very popular again. Think about it eh? I am sure it would get the support that it need as well. "


"I used to watch Dynasty when I was a littel girl in Macau, China. Of course, the shows were dubbed in Cantonese. Recently, I found out SoapNet has Dynasty reruns. It&'s so wonderful to see the characters in their own voice. My favorite characters have to be Krystle and Blake. They made such a lovely couple."




Aired: January 12, 1981 - May 11, 1989

Cast: John Forsythe, Linda Evans, Joan Collins, Pamela Sue Martin, Emma Samms, John James, Heather Locklear, Rock Hudson, Ali MacGraw, Troy Beyer

Network: ABC

Genre: Wealth Drama

Theme song


Image courtesy of ABC

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