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By doc of Ft. Lauderdale

Nurse was a terrific show. It was about a woman who went back to nursing after her husband, who was a physician, died of a massive coronary. After his death she reluctantly decided to go back to work. She took the position at a big New York hospital as the head nurse.

The series centered around  the everyday goings on inside of the hospital from the perspective of the head nurse. Problems with junior staff and the nasty attitudes of the doctors made up some of the plots. It also showed the difficulties of balancing a challenging position with a private life.

The building of her relationship with her new friend Dr. Rose, whom at the beginning she had a very hard time getting along with no matter what she did or tried to please him, was a central theme. But as the show moved on they became good friends. Her fellow nurses that came to love and respect her. Because of her marriage to a doctor for so long she was able to maintain some very wealthy friends.

I loved the show and was very sadden when they decided to cancel the show. Ms. Learned was a terrific actress and played her roll very well. I wish I could find the series I would have loved to have had it in my own private library at home. I was there number one fan. It helped me realize what nursing was all about. And that's why I became a nurse.


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"I could buy Michael Learned as a nurse, but not Robert Reed as an M.D. Still my favourite episode was where he had to lay on his stomach through the whole thing due to a pilonidal cyst."




Aired: April 2, 1981 - May 21 1982

Cast: Hattie Winston, Robert Reed, Michael Learned

Network: ABC

Genre: Medical Drama

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