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Amazing Stories

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"I think Spielberg wanted his own Twilight Zone series and I think he succeeded for the most part because I was really excited to watch this show as a kid. Great opening sequence and then stories that ranged from Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi and full out horror- a few episodes scared me out of my wits, but the episode that stuck with me most of all (and is still available on VHS thankfully) is The Family Dog, directed by Brad Bird. He went on to direct, "The Iron Giant" Anyway, it was so clever and the animation so unique (Tim Burton's designs) the music perfect (Danny Elfman) and talk about a great voice cast (Stan Freberg, Annie Potts) My mom used to hate it when I'd quote the show, "He's whizzing on the carpet Dad!" and she thought the whole thing was inappropriate, which made me love it even more. They tried to make it into a Saturday morning cartoon years later, but none of that original charm was there...too bad. Still, this awesome episode you can find in better videos stores or on Amazon, but I'd try my luck at Amoeba Music or a giant movie warehouse kind of place- cuz that's how I lucked out and bought it for five bucks. This show was my favorite along with Tales From The Crypt and The Wonder Years. On the same tape is another episode with Christopher Lloyd called, "Head of the Class" which was directed by Rob Zemeckis- very funny and spooky outing with some cool effects- great companion to the Family Dog piece. Amazing Stories was also released in book form, which was even better because my imagination gave me enough material for about a million nightmares, but the stories were soo friggen great I didn't care."


"Without a doubt, my favorite episode of "Amazing Stories" was the one and only Christmas special they did, called: "Santa". It was a very realistic made show, that showed people how they would more than likely respond if a real Santa Claus were to show up.

I had my two children (5 and 7 at the time) convinced that this was a true story about Santa Claus, so the following year, when it played again, we video taped it. Now, 12 years later, they still enjoy watching this video every Christmas."

--murdok Talladega; Alabama



Aired: 1985-1987

Cast: Steven Spielberg (producer)

Network: NBC

Genre: Adventure

Theme song

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