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"My favorite episode was the one where a kid's army men came to life and killed his Viet-Nam war criminal father. Anyone remember the one with the black cat???"


"Darkroom was one of my favorite tv shows. To me it was like an Awesome80s Twilight Zone. I faithfully tuned in on Friday nights, well considering I was a child what else was I going to be doing. I also remember the one where the little boy's army men came to life. That one was really good. Hats off to the producers and creative writers that had to think up the stories."


"I do remember the one with the black cat - Scary! (but I was glad that smart-ass kid on the motorcycle got it in the end. ) I don't know if I'm confusing this with another series or not, but I still have my hair stand on end when I remember an episode called "A Small Talent for War. " An alien lands and informs our world leaders that after extended study of our planet's "small talent for war", they're sick of watching the sideshow and will be taking over unless we shape up. The leaders band together and plead for a chance to redeem themselves, and the alien dubiously agrees. The seemingly impossible comes to pass: world peace is now a reality. When the alien returns, the weary but triumpant leaders present their charter proving they've mended their ways. Shockingly, the alien begins to laugh. He then informs them that there has been a misunderstanding: world peace is of no interest to aliens. They've wanted us to progress in our BRUTALITY towards one another. As the truth and their fate begins to dawn on the leaders' faces, all hope is lost as ominous alien ships begin to move in to take over . . . Does anyone else remember this?"




Aired: 1981-1982

Cast: James Coburn

Network: ABC

Genre: Anthology

Theme song

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