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Powers of Matthew Star

We've not had time to write about this TV show yet. If you were a fan, we'd love to have you help us out by writing a synopsis or review!


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Do you have a favorite episode of Powers of Matthew Star? What do you remember about the series? Share your stories with the world! (We print the best stories right here!)

Your Memories Shared!

"Yes the one where his body was in an abandoned basement because he was astraly projecting himself. I loved that episode. If there was any way I could see it again, I'd pay any price."


"I used to love this show and then it was gone; Kindred the embrased was good and then boom gone. The only episode of which I have a clear memory is the one where Matthew finds out he can change things by pointing at them. I always whished I could do that!"


"Finally found it!The years i've been mocked about whenever, in a nostalgic mood, me and other guys would sum up our favourite TV-shows from back when we were kids!I live in Belgium and I tells You, . . . I have'nt come around anyone who has ever seen the series. I was the loneliest guy on the world. All I knew was that the series name had to be "Matthew Star", or something. I tried searching the net a couple of years ago but alas. . It was as if the series never were made. Eventually I even doubted my childhood memories!Was it all just something I made up. After All, . . . I must've been only 8 or so. I already figured out that it had to be brought on the BBC instead of the national channels we have, hence the ignorance with my friends. But that was all I ever could figure out about the show. But until today. The sheer happiness I experienced when I saw the , somewhat lame, still you present. This is it. It really exists.

Why is the series so special for me. Well, I remember the guy, Matthew Star, having cool super powers. The thing that struck me was the ability to do lots of undefined things with his eyes. I remember him being able to see through walls, and laserbeaming objects. I'll allways played as if I had the same ability. Even when I was at the verve of maturity the ability of seeing through all kinds of stuff appealed to me;) But the hereabove are obvious reasons why any kid would've loved the show. But my very own reason for appreciating the series that much is somewhat very sad. Call it: a childhood tragedy. At that time and age I had a very hard time with maths at school. And I don't know for you guys in the US, but in frikkin' Belgium the kids get homework nearly every day. So many times at the kitchen table, with my math book in front of me, the annoying noise that older fridges make, and my dad next to me (always losing his temper). At the same time my younger brothers were in the living room watching television. How many times have I heared the beginning tune and never saw that nights show. I tried giving my dad my saddest "bambi"-like eyes, but. . . alas. Needless to say that hearing the whole show and say, being on learning on how to read the time, just broke my hart. Nevertheless, even for the few shows I could actuallually SEE, the series stands above all the others (A-team, Knight Rider, Magnum, Buck "Bring'em Back Alive" Danny, . . . ) for me. And hey guys, I eventually will get my revenge. Can't wait till my old man sits in a wheelchair shitting himself. See whose controlling the zapper then!!!"


"My name is Matthew Star!!! I think it is funny to have your own tv show with such a random name. "


"Hi Rutger,
YOU ARE NOT ALONE !! I'm from Belgium too and I've been looking for a video or a dvd of this fabulous science fiction series SINCE YEEAAAARS. I used to watch it at my best friends house when we were kids and, as he's still my best buddy, I want to surprise him with the DVD or video. Anyone knows if it's available anywhere?"


"I also have memory's about that program, and also no one else remebers it. (see rutgers comment)

The one thing I clearly remember about it is that he could leave (or project) his body, but it was important that he got it back in time.

I also remembered that "chappy" from the iron eagle movies was playing in it.

So after searching through his work on the internet I finaly found out the name of the series.

Because I was only 7 or 8 at the time it was aired. (on dutch television)



"Matthew Star was my first hero, my first dreamboat, and my first Sci-Fi show. Over the past 23 years, I'd had only fragmented remembrances of it (remember: VCR's were unaffordable back then!)of the show until I found a website that has all but 3 episodes:

http://www. geocities. com/thewizard_7/

Did you ever go back and find your favorite show, and it was lamer than you recall? Not this one. Even when you've watched an episode enough that you have the script memorized yourself, Barton and Gossett shine. You truly believe they are who they portray, and you really wish it had lasted a few more seasons. Imagine Matthew's triumphant, yet extremely dangerous, return to Quadris! What if Matthew told Pam the truth and together they hid his secret? Or if an assassin hot on his tail turned out to be his supposedly dead father? Such a shame we'll never know.

Long live Matthew Star."




Aired: 1982-1983

Cast: Louis Gossett Jr, Peter Barton

Network: ABC

Genre: Sci-Fi

Theme song

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