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Quantum Leap

By Sam Graham

They'll be dancing (well, leaping maybe) in the streets now that the first season of Quantum Leap, voted one of the 25 best cult series ever by TV Guide, has come to home video, a decade after its final year (1994) on the air (the pilot episode was released on DVD in '98). And why shouldn't they? This is a show, called "an imaginative diversion" by one critic, with a good premise that's cleverly and skillfully conceived, written, acted, and produced--ample evidence of which is spread out over three discs, each containing three episodes (plus some fairly meager extras) from the first season.

Scott Bakula, in the role that made him a star, plays Sam Beckett, a scientist who's part of a time-travel experiment that "went a little... ka-ka." Unable to return to his own time, and aided only by Al (Dean Stockwell, whose rapport with Bakula is one of the series' most appealing elements), his cigar-smoking, peculiar-dressing, sex-obsessed, holographic "enabler," Sam "leaps" unpredictably from one time period and person to another, usually completely out of his element (as a pilot, a boxer, a cowboy, an English lit professor, even an elderly black man in segregated '50s Alabama) and always in a situation that needs to be "made right" before he can leap onward.

Generous helpings of humor, drama, physical action, and sentimentality (this is TV, after all) keep things moving, as do references to many other classic films and genres (Driving Miss Daisy in "The Color of Truth," Casablanca in "Play it Again, Seymour," boxing in general in "The Right Hand of God") and what creator Donald Bellisario calls the occasional "kiss with history" (Sam crosses paths with the young Buddy Holly and Michael Jackson, among others). It doesn't all work, as Quantum Leap occasionally becomes too cute and facile for its own good.

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Your Memories Shared!

"My all-time favorite TV show. I think this is one of the best ever done - great actors, great set, wonderful stories, a very original and simple premise. It's impossible not to get hooked by it - it's the only show on which everybody I know agrees."


"Leaping to help someone is always nice. Especially when life can be saved as well as a love. Al always was after women no matter what the situation was. The one where he goes back in time and he is Elvis: that is really a great episode. Bring this back."


"Since I was a kid, I was really fascinated with the idea of time-travel, thanks to this series and "Back to the Future". Looking back at it, I think the show's really good, mixing a perfect blend of actors and good story-telling. Whenever I see the characters in some movie, I often blurt out, "That's the guy from Quantum Leap!" My childhood could not have been complete without this. Nostalgic. Beautiful."


"My memories would be only 5 months ago. Me and hubby moved into our flat 5 months ago and when Sky was installed the first time I say Quantum Leap was on the Sci-fi channel and I must admit I have been hooked ever since not just because of the lovely Scott Bakula but the fact that somone can really go back and put right somthing that has gone wrong. Also the fact he can jump into somones body no matter how bad the circumstance or what job they have Sam can adjust and that makes people feel they can accomplish anything if they put there mind too it. My favorite episode so far would probabley have to be the leap home it was very moving to know he couldn't help his father and they could only see him as he was at sixteen. It was a truly good episode. All round the show is excellent."


" I have great memories of "Quantum Leap" was one of all-time greatest show. I never forget that show and great unforgettable classics. One of my favorite episodes was "The Color of Truth" was best moments episode. when Sam leap into the body of Southern Black Butler in 1950's and it was great and wonderful episode.

Also I have 19 novels and 13 comic books and 2 DVDs plus CD music and my favorite song from QL is "Mirror Image" that made me cry alot after 5 long seasons. Believe me, the truth is that I really love this show and never forget all good episodes are toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

The best part is when Sam finish his mission and leap out of the episode and go next episode whatever it take him somewhere in time from 50's to 90's and only problem is Sam never come home forever and probably be stuck back there. That's very sad

Someday Quantum Leap may be come back very soon, but I can not tell you where I heard from that QL come back. Someday it will be return soon. I will be wait to see New Quantum Leap come to small screen.

Al and Sam are greatest tag team on television over these years. Scott Bakula is wonderful actor who doing great job as being time travelling hero. and Dean Stockwell is good, decent fine person did play very good roles as Big Al who being very cocky hologram and meet in waiting room who was in there that they kept him in waiting room that his body can not go out there in real world that she or he can not see out there what is like to be in real world. Oh, heck. . I don't blame them to kept Sam Beckett's body in waiting room.

I wish Al can help Sam to bring it home and safe after Sam's leaping too many lives of persons' bodies as males, females, and animals.

I will be kept praying to bring Sam and Al come back any time on TV again to unfinished business to bring Dr. Beckett home safety.

I never forget that show as long as I lives this greatest moments. Thank you for everything, Quantum Leap."




Aired: March 26, 1989 - August 15, 1993

Cast: Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell

Network: NBC

Genre: Sci-Fi

Theme song

Image courtesy of NBC

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