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Starman was a science fiction TV show, starring Robert Hays and Christopher Daniel Barnes. The television series Starman was an adaptation and sequel to a movie of the same name produced in 1984.

The series took place fifteen years after the film and featured the return of the alien in the body of a deceased photojournalist named Paul Forrester to spend time with his now teenage son; Scott Hayden (played by Christopher Daniel Barnes) as they try to avoid a U.S. Government agent and find the missing Jenny Hayden.

Each episode of the series had the fugitive father and son moving from place to place (in a format similar to The Fugitive and The Incredible Hulk) meeting people that were in need of some assistance, while Scott tries to explain to his alien father what it means to be a human being. Each has a small silvery sphere of alien material, about 3-4 cm in diameter, that allows a trained mind to project thoughts to carry out telekinesis in some limited manner. Forrester is fairly adept, but Scott needs to learn how to focus. In one episode, "Blue Lights", Scott creates a picturesque image of a rotating ring of blue lights.

Forrester and Scott are also trying to stay one step ahead of government UFO investigator Fox, who will not tolerate Forrester and Scott running free in society. Once, when Forrester tells Fox that children are the world's future, Fox reacts with hostility to imply that Scott is some sort of mutant, and therefore not acceptable. Forrester, however, holds no malice toward Fox, and even treats a life-threatening injury before he and Scott make their escape. (This, again, has similarities to The Fugitive, with Dr. Kimble occasionally having the opportunity to preserve the life of his own nemesis, Lt. Gerard.)

In a two part episode Starscape Paul and Scott find Jenny Hayden living as an artist, under the name Karen Iseley, in Arizona. One more episode aired after the two part episode, that titled The Test that tried to pave the way for the possibilities for a second season, but the series was cancelled.


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"I loved all episodes of the series, with the marvelous Robert Hays in the Paul Forrester character!The one I prefer is ``Secrets``, with the guest star Lisa Blount in the role of ``Angela``which is manipulated by ``Fox``who's prepared to do anything to catch `Starman``! Angela, through Paul's confidences, knows almost everything about Jenny Hayden and, in love with Paul, becomes Jenny, loosing her own identity. Scott is furious, frustrated and ``in pain``when he sees her pretending to be his mother, but Paul, with kindness and understanding,manages to spare Angela and Scott's feelings...explaning each one the behavior of the other. Each single character is very moving.The music is very special too: nice, warm, soft and moving. I watched this episode so many times and it's as if I had watched it for the first time, always enjoying every minute of it!"


"Hi awesome Awesome80s, I originally did not see much of the series when it originally aired, But, since the Sci-fi Channel put the re-runs on recently I have realized how good a show this was, and may have been overlooked at original time that it aired on tv.

There are many interesting episodes I enjoyed, but my favorite is "like father , like son" which deals with the earlier part of the show just after the boy and Paul Forester, are running from Fox". Its interesting how he tries to buy a $25, 000 car for 75. 00 monthly payments, only in dreams, eventually they settle on a older but workable model car and drive into the countryside looking for jenny Haydyn at a nearby cabin site.

It teaches things rather than just give you a 30 minute or one hour show. If only they had a show like this today, oh well time stands still for nobody, Right?"

--A Star Fan.



Aired: September 19, 1986 - September 4, 1987

Cast: Robert Hays, C.B. Barnes, Michael Cavanaugh

Network: ABC

Genre: Sci-Fi

Theme song

Spinoff of: The 1984 movie of the same name

Image courtesy of ABC

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