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Unsolved Mysteries

By Wikipedia

Unsolved Mysteries gave true accounts of abductions, suspicious deaths, murders, ghosts and paranormal activity, robberies and other miscellaneous unsolved cases and missing persons. The viewer was invited to call or write if they had information concerning the cases shown. According to the show, about 40 percent of the stories shown involving fugitives generated tips leading to the capture of those individuals.

The show began as a regular series on NBC in September 1988. In September 1997, the show moved to CBS, where it was shown on a regular basis until August 1999. The show was picked up by Lifetime in July 2001 and has been carried by them ever since.

It was hosted by the late actor Robert Stack. New episodes have not been made since 2003, when he passed away at age 84.

Viewers were invited to call in tips to a toll free number. The number, 1-800-876-5353 (US), is still active today although the show is long out of production as tips still come in from reruns.

Six four-disc DVD sets were released on June 21, 2005. Each DVD has a different theme. The themes for each four-disc DVD set are ghosts, legends, UFOs, psychics, miracles, and bizarre murders.

  • Disclaimer: Before an episode begins, the following message is used: "This program is about unsolved mysteries. Whenever possible, the actual family members and police officials participate in recreating the events. What you are about to see is not a news broadcast."


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"The music. Robert Stack's voice. Everything about the show made me scared to watch it when no one was home."


"Unsolved Mystieries was the best show of all time. I was so intrested to watch it. It can get kind of creepy if you know what I mean. Im not really into the ghost because I think its just boring but I love to see like missing poeple killers that are still out there or big foot stuff like that. It's a shame Robert Stack died. I wish they would play this show more often or at least put it on dvd so the fans can wacth it."


"I am in desperate search of one episdoe of Unsolved Mysteries. I thought it may be on the new Unsolved Mystery Ghost DVD but from everything I read it is not but still ordered it in hopes that it is.

The episode I seek to have a copy of an episode that aired as an Halloween episode that was entirely about Ghosts. The episode contained the Queen Mary, and Marth Washington Inn, Abingdon VA. The episode started out about a gentlemen staining this childrens bunk beds he purchased in his basement. When he returned the paint brush he placed out of the paint was back in. The son in the family started seeing his radio turn by itself and then an old lady behind the door at night. I just got chills thinking about this as I wrote. This figure becomes a night occurance and not believing the child the father sees this woman, as well as his brother in law. THe family is finally forced to leave after the father has a confrontation with the ghost and he is hit by what I think was a thermos. The location of this story and the family in question were all a mystery. The family refused to disclose their identity.

I need to know how to find this episode. Lifetime never shows it and I must have it. I have talked about this epsiode since I first saw it air years ago. Everyone who has seen it vividly remembers it. After watching 1, 000's of ghost/paranormal shows over the years not one episode stands out to me as this one does.

Please email me with any info you may have about this episode."

--jimmy_marcum@hotmail. Com

"Omigod! This show was too cool. Mostly because of the theme song. Its all like Awesome80s industrial to the max. Creapy as hell and I really wish I could find the person that made that song."


"OMFG this show was too cool. . mostly because of the theme song. Its all like Awesome80s industrial to the max. . creapy as hell and I really wish I could find the person that made that song. . "




Aired: 1988-

Cast: Robert Stack

Network: NBC

Genre: Real Crime

Theme song

Image courtesy of NBC

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