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Fall Guy

By Wikipedia

The Fall Guy was an television series produced for ABC from 1981 to 1986 and starring Lee Majors and Heather Thomas.

In this series, Lee Majors plays Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stunt man who moonlights as a bounty hunter and uses his physical skills and knowledge of stunt effects to capture fugitives and criminals. The series was known for its frequent cameos by Hollywood celebrities and the occasional in-joke referring to Majors' previous series, The Six Million Dollar Man.

The show's theme song, "The Unknown Stuntman" was actually performed by Lee Majors and the lyrics include a reference to his ex-wife, Farrah Fawcett. The song became a minor hit for Majors.


Colt Seavers Lee Majors
Howie Munson Douglas Barr
Jody Banks Heather Thomas
Samantha "Big Jack" Jack Jo Ann Pflug
Terri Shannon / Michaels Markie Post
Pearl Sperling Nedra Volz


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Your Memories Shared!

"The Fall Guy was my life! When I remember my school years in the Eighties in Germany I think about The Fall Guy. I had a big crush on Lee Majors and I loved the show so much. We all loved it and were influenced by it. The show is reaired in Germany every year and still I watch it."


"This was a great tongue in cheek adventure show. Lee Majors singing the theme song was so cute. My favorite episode was called The Lucky Stiff. Jerry Andrews (Randolph Mantooth) was in financial and legal trouble and decided to hire a hit man to kill himself so his wife would get insurance money. Robert Fuller played the bad man in this story. After meeting with him Jerry bought a lottery ticket and won $3 million. Naturally he decided to try and cancel the hit on himself. Colt, Howie and Jody take Jerry into custody but the hit men attack. Jerry manages to get away, meets with Robert Fuller again, cashes the lottery check, buys new clothes and cars, visits his wife and narrowly escapes the hit men and Cole and Howie several times. Robert Fuller and the hit men eventually kidnap Jerry's wife and offer to trade her for the 3 million. By this time Cole and Howie have recaptured Jerry (again)and they help capture the bad men at the exchange location for Jerry's wife. The charges against Jerry were dropped, and he tells Cole that he has learned what's really important and that money doesn't buy happiness. It does, however," make a hell of a good down payment on it". Cole, Howie and Jody agree, then they notice that Cole's new roof is leaking."


"Every episode of the Fall Guy was awesome just be viewing the opening credits and seeing the lovely Heather Thomas push open those swings doors only to be standing there in a skimpy bikini. My first crush!!!!!!!!"




Aired: November 4, 1981 - May 2, 1986

Cast: Lee Majors, Heather Thomas, Douglas Barr

Network: ABC

Genre: Adventure

Theme song: "The Unknown Stuntman" by Lee Majors

Image courtesy of ABC

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