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Aircraft of the Awesome80s

By Patrick Mondout

We are still working on pages for the major aviation accidents of the Awesome80s (though you can discuss them right now in our new aviation forums), but we do have pages for the new civilian jet airliners of the decade: Boeing's 757 and 767, the Airbus A320, the McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 (which was really just a redesigned DC-9), and the Russian Il-86, Tu-204, and Yak-42.


Perhaps the biggest achievement in civil aviation during the Awesome80s was the fly-by-wire A320.

Image courtesy of AirNikon. Find more of his photos at

Our 1970s aviation section is much more complete.



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The Boeing 767 was the most advanced airliner ever made by an American company.

AirNikon photo

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