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Boeing 767

By Patrick Mondout

While Boeing worked on a design to replace its 727s (a design which we result in the 757), it also could not ignore the sudden need for a more efficient widebody aircraft for long range routes. Airlines were shown plans for what Boeing was calling the 7X7. Both the 757 and the 767 came out of this research.

After fuel prices skyrocketed in the mid-Super70s, airlines were unhappy with their new widebody trijets (such as the DC-10 and L-1011). They wanted a long-range two-engine widebody. Airbus had one in the A310 and when Pan Am became the first American airline to purchase them, Boeing knew it had to respond with one of its own.

Original designs for a 180 seat 767-100 were abandoned after no airlines showed interest. American Airlines, however, was interested in the larger 200 seat 767-200 and launched the aircraft with an order of 30 in 1978.

Boeing 767

Some of the most exciting landings you can witness are at St. Maarten in the Dutch Antilles. This American 767 is seen on October 27, 2001.

Image courtesy of AirNikon. Find more of his photos at

Boeing announced on October 16, 2003 it would be shutting down the 757 production line sometime in 2004 due to market conditions. As the 767 has seen a similar drop in sales, it may not be long before the last 767 is rolled out.

Boeing 767 at a Glance
Engines2 General Electric CF6-80C2B4F turbofans
Cruising Speed575
Passengers290 (250 standard)
Range6978 miles
Span156ft 1in
Length180ft 3in
Final Production(Still in production as of 11/03
NOTE: Refers to first model; revisions usually hold more passengers and are more efficient.


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Prototype 767 over Mt. Ranier

Image courtesy of Boeing

Model: 767

Manufacturer: Boeing

Country: U.S.

First Flight: August 18, 1982

First Passenger Flight: September 8, 1982

Launch CustomerUnited

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