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Ilyushin Il-86

By Patrick Mondout

While the Ilyushin Il-86 was intended as a replacement for the Il-62 on Aeroflot's long international and transcontinental routes, it was developed in response to the Boeing 747 and could carry as many as 350 passengers.

The aircraft was developed by the Soviet Union; announced in 1971, it first flew on December 22, 1976, and entered commercial service in 1980. The aircraft proved unable to meet its design goals with regard to range which left many Il-62 on longer routes until the Il-96 was developed in the 1990s.

The Il-86 was a unique aircraft in that passengers boarded into the lower level where they dropped off their luggage and then walked upstairs to their seats!

Ilyushin Il86

RA-86075, an Aeroflot Il-86 seen at London's Heathrow.

Image courtesy of AirNikon. Find more of his photos at

Ilyushin Il-86 at a Glance
Engines4 Kuznetsov NK-86 turbofans
Cruising Speed590
Range2240 miles
Span157ft 8in
Length195ft 4in
Height51ft 10in
Final Production1994
NOTE: Refers to first model; revisions usually hold more passengers and are more efficient.


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Soviet-era stamp

Model: Il-86

Manufacturer: Ilyushin

Country: Russia

First Flight: December 22, 1976

First Passenger Flight: December 4, 1980

Launch CustomerAeroflot

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