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Tupolev Tu-204

By Wikipedia

The Tupolev Tu-204 was developed in the Awesome80s as a replacement for the Tu-154 on Aeroflot's medium range routes.  It was the first Soviet aircraft to take advantage of "glass cockpit" advances found in the 757/767 and Airbus A320.

The Tu-204 made its first flight on January 2, 1989.


It is the first of the new generation Russian airliners, the other being the Ilyushin Il-96. It features many technological innovations such as

  • fly-by-wire
  • glass cockpit, available in both Russian and western varieties
  • advanced supercritical wings fitted with winglets
  • advanced western avionics
  • the first to use western engines, Rolls-Royce RB211-535



The Tu-204 is the basic passenger airline model, and the Tu-204C is the basic freight or cargo model.


This is the initial version, powered by Soloviev (now Aviadvigatel) PS90 turbofan with thrust of 157 kN (35,300 lbf). It uses Russian powerplants and avionics. It was certified in January, 1995. The Tu-204-200 is a heavier version with extra fuel for more range. Only one has been built by Aviastar in Ulyanovsk but not yet delivered (RA64036). Now this version is only produced by KAPO in Kazan and marketed under the designation Tu-214. The Tu-204-100C and Tu-204-200C are the cargo versions of the -100 and -200 respectively, fitted with forward main deck freight door. Currently the Tu-204-100/200 is offered with the option of uprated Aviadvigatel PS90-A2 turbofan, which promises 40% longer period between overhauls.

The Tu-204-100 has a maximum take-off weight of 103 metric tons and range with 196 passenger in 2-class configuration is 2,500 nautical miles (4,600 km).


In order to broaden the product appeal, the Tu-204-120/220 features western avionics and engines. It is powered by 2 Rolls-Royce RB211-535 engineseach with thrust of 43,100 lbf (192 kN). Air Cairo of Egypt became the launch operator when it took delivery of a Tu-204-120 and its cargo version the Tu-120C, in November 1998. The Tu-204-220 and Tu-220C, cargo version, is a higher gross weight variant of the basic Tu-204-120.

The Tu-204-120 has a maximum take-off weight of 103 metric tons and range with 196 passenger in 2-class configuration is 2,500 nautical miles (4,600 km).


It is a shortened, longer range derivative of the Tu-204. It is about 20 ft (6 m) shorter than the basic Tu-204. It is available in 2 version; the longer ranged heavier version powered by Aviadvigatel PS90-A2 turbofan has a maximum take-off weight of 103 metric tons and range with 166 passengers increases to 5,000 nautical miles (9,300 km) and the lighter shorter ranged version with a maximum take-off weight of 89 metric tons and range with 166 passengers is 1,900 nautical miles (3,500 km). Russian airliner Vladivostok Air is the launch customer.


This is a version of Tu-204-300 optimized for shorter routes, featuring smaller wings, increasing cruising speed to Mach 0.84, making it a competitor to Next Generation Boeing 737. It is ETOPS rated and fitted with Honeywell 331-200ER APU.

Tu-206 and Tu-216

These variants are company-funded testbeds for alternative fuels, the Tu-206 flying on liquefied natural gas and the Tu-216 on hydrogen.


Tu-214 is also a variation of Tu-204. It is technically a Tu-204-200 (see above). One of the differences is being produced in a different factory. Both factories are independent from Tupolev design bureau and have some say in the design of the variation they produce. Planes designated Tu-204 are produced in Ulyanovsk by Aviastar, and these designated Tu-214 in Kazan by KAPO.


Tupolev Tu-204 at a Glance
Engines2 Aviadvigatel PS90A turbofans
Cruising Speed575
Passengers172 (150 standard)
Range2880 miles
Span107 ft 10.25in
Length147ft 10in
Height45ft 7.25in
Final Production(Still in production)
Refers to Tu-204-120


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Model: Tu-204

Manufacturer: Tupolev

Country: Russia

First Flight: January 2, 1989

First Passenger Flight: February 23, 1996

Launch CustomerAeroflot

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