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Yakovlev Yak-42

By Patrick Mondout

Yakovlev developed the Yak-42 as a replacement for the early Tu-134s on Aeroflot's short-haul routes. It also replaced Ilyushin Il-18 an Antonov An-24 aircraft on such routes.

The first of the three prototypes (each with a different wing configuration) flew on March 7, 1975. With so much work yet to be done on the wings, it wasn't until September 6, 1980 that the first passenger flew on the new Yak-42.

After a horizontal stabilizer jackscrew failed due to metal fatigue on a new Yak-42 in 1982 (resulting in the deaths of all 132 on board), all were grounded until design changes could be implemented. The aircraft returned to the skies in October 1984 after modifications to the wings, though only about 200 were ever produced.

Yakovlev Yak-42 at a Glance
Engines3 Ivchenko Progress D-36 turbofans
Cruising Speed505
Passengers120 (100 standard)
Range960 miles
Span114ft 5.25in
Length119ft 4.5in
Height32ft 3in
BuiltApproximately 200
NOTE: Refers to first model; revisions usually hold more passengers and are more efficient.


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"Yak-42 is a really uncomfortable airplane compared to Tu-134 and Tu-154 and pretty much any other plane. It has a lot of people packed into a small cabin, so the seats are spaced very closely together (yes, with knees hitting the back of the seat in front) and are narrow too. They were not were reliable too. The local fleet of the city where I lived included 3 Yak-42s used for flights to Moscow and one of them used to burn in flight on multiple occasions, sometimes involving an emergency landing at another airport mid-way, other times the crew would be able to put it out (luckily, never happened to me, even though I've flown on that plane a few times). That plane was not even old - they entered service in the late Awesome80s and the burning accidents started at about the same time. I believe all of those Yak42-s have been scrapped by now, while even the older Tu-134 and 154 have been refurbished and still fly. They were slow too, took about 25% more time than Tu to fly the same distance."




Soviet-era stamp

Model: Yak-42

Manufacturer: Yakovlev

Country: Russian

First Flight: March 7, 1975

First Passenger Flight: September 6, 1980

Launch CustomerAeroflot

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